What the Duck is Dropshipping? And How to Start Dropshipping in 2021

A while ago, I was just doing some product research for one of my clients when he asked about dropshipping. It intrigued me that many people in eCommerce still are unaware of this model.

In this article, I cover what is dropshipping in detail along with some cool statistics that you may not know about.

Dropshipping gained its popularity in 2006 when AliExpress became popular in the United States with the launch of Chinese ecommerce stores.

What is Dropshipping? 

The process of fulfilling retail orders without the need of maintaining the product’s stock is known as dropshipping. It is a form of business where the owner displays the purchasable items in an online store. Once an order is placed, the owner purchases the product from a third-party business(dropship supplier) and has it delivered directly to the customer. 

By the end of this article, you will learn the basics of how to establish your Dropshipping Business.

This way the seller experiences a more hands-off process. This reduces the stress of handling delivery, maintaining stock inventory, and more.

Dropshipping vs Affiliate Marketing

Before we dive deep into it, let me address two of the most popular money making fields right now. Dropshipping and affiliate marketing have very little difference in their models. 

Dropshipping Model

In the dropshipping model of business, you market and receive the order then get the order shipped from the manufacturer or wholesaler to the customer. 

You need not worry about packing and shipping the product. Here, you hold the power to decide the price of the product, set a profit margin for the product you sell. For example, if the wholesale price of a product is $ 100 and you market and sell the same product at $200 , then you can keep the profit of $100.

You can see, the profit margin is set by you. You can decide on the price of the product. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model where the affiliate marketer earns his commission by promoting the products on his website or his blog or on his social media posts. 

Basically, when you read a blog, you can see the links for the products suggested or reviewed by the blogger. When you click on those links you get directed to another website where they sell those products. And in case you buy the product suggested by the blogger, then he gets commission for such a sale. This is affiliate marketing. 

He just acts as a sales representative who earns a commission on every sale made by him. An affiliate marketer neither owns the product nor can he decide on the profit margin. But he does receive the commission for every sale he makes. 

When you are planning to start a business, it is the benefits of the business that attracts you the most. But you will want to know the drawbacks as well. Here are a few benefits and drawbacks you might want to consider before diving into the dropshipping business.

How does the Dropshipping Business Model Work?

To understand the dropshipping process better, here is a pictorial representation to demonstrate the dropshipping working model.

It is the supplier’s responsibility to take care of that. In the figure, I show the mechanism of a dropshipping business in a simplified manner. 

The next question that arises is,”how to find a supplier?”

Here are some of the best suppliers that allow international dropshipping

  • AliExpress
  • CJDropshipping
  • WholesaleDB
  • Salehoo

If your store runs on Shopify, you can use Oberlo to do dropshipping. Oberlo is an online platform that makes selling products online easy. It allows access to a variety of products and adds them to your online store by connecting directly with aliexpress

Is dropshipping for you?

If you’re someone looking to make a side income or even make it a full-time career, dropshipping can be an option for you. It is ideal for entrepreneurs who have less capital to invest and yet want to start a business with decent returns.

Caution, dropshipping requires not only the investment of money but of time and effort as well. Dropshipping isn’t for someone who expects huge immediate returns. In other words, if you’re looking to make a lot of money in a short amount of time, dropshipping is not for you. 

Dropshipping still manages to be a profitable business in 2021 given the fact that it requires a bit of patience and researching about the niche in which the products are to be sold. 

Contrary to the popular discussion of dropshippers becoming dead over the years, it is the sellers that change their method of work in reality. 

Dropshipping Statistics


Every growing market has its share of critics and controversial topics which leaves people quite skeptical. Making yourself aware of the numbers behind the growing business becomes quite insightful for the potential seller. 

Here are some of the coolest dropshipping statistics that you may not know about.

  • According to the leading websites on Google about dropshipping, say that the global dropshipping market was valued at 102.2 billion in 2018 and expected to give a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.8% from 2019 to 2025. 
  • With the world still dealing with Covid, people in many places are still stuck in their homes, unable to step out and shop offline. Online shopping has been observed to have a significant growth in this time and is expected to continue doing so in the future. 
  • The privilege of browsing products with a click on your computer and having them delivered to your doorstep sets dropshipping to escalate in the coming time indefinitely. 
  • The enhancement of smartphones in recent years has led to revolutionizing the online shopping industry. Evaluating the growth across the e-commerce sector, one can say it will be in the favour of the dropshipping business.
  • According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development(UNCTAD), there has been significant growth in the number of online shoppers from 1078 million in 2015 to 1342 million in 2017. 
  • Even the Indian e-commerce market has been valued at USD 38.5 billion till 2017 and expected to reach USD 200 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 51.0%.
  • Compared to the retail businesses which need to make large investments to purchase stock, dropshipping does not require one to do so; making it a more feasible business option for entrepreneurs starting. 
  • Based on the global dropshipping market revenue share, the products are divided into the following categories:
    • Toys, Hobby & DIY
    • Furniture and appliances
    • Food & Personal Care
    • Electronics and Media
    • Fashion
  • Among all these categories, the electronic sector that has accounted for the highest market share is 30.0% since 2018. 
  • The food and personal care segment is estimated to experience a 30.0% growth in the upcoming time. The increase in cosmetic products, and awareness among people about the importance of self-care is leading to more and more purchases of personal care items. Fooding has never been, nor will it ever be a non-growth market. Since it is the basic need of every human being, it is a never-ending profiting business option. 

Benefits of Dropshipping

dropshipping business

Considering the online feature of dropshipping itself makes it quite a feasible option for many newcomers to set up a store of their own without the risk of losing too much. 

Dropshipping allows you to explore and analyze different business ideas with limited drawbacks. 

It presents an opportunity to study a particular niche for the product to be sold in, and learn its pros and cons. Speaking of pros, let us take a look at the benefits of dropshipping itself.

Easy to Start 

To start a dropshipping business, you don’t need any expert advice. You can start a dropshipping business from your bedroom with the most basic knowledge and learn the rest along the way.You can start dropshipping even without a team or thousands of dollars. You can literally start a legit dropshipping business within a couple hundred dollars of investment. Initially, you can single-handedly run the business without too much stress. 

With no requirement of a warehouse or a physical store, you can easily add any number of products on your online store and make good money. There is no need to rent a warehouse to stock inventory. 

It does not involve the trouble of handling deliveries and packaging. On the placement of an order, you purchase the product from the supplier and they deliver the product to the customer directly. They handle the returns as well as tracking the delivery. 

You don’t need to bother about continually ordering products from the supplier and maintaining stock levels. The supplier is responsible for doing that. 

Doesn’t Require Much Capital

It is one of the biggest advantages of running a dropshipping business that it doesn’t demand much capital. It is possible to launch an e-commerce store without having to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in inventory. 

Where traditional retailers face this challenge while starting a new business, you can start pooling in different products from a selected niche to your website and launch your store right away.  

Low Expenses

Since you don’t have to deal with purchasing inventory or renting a storage facility for your stock, the running expenditure remains to a minimum. 

Many dropshipping businesses don’t require more than a laptop and a few monthly expenses that are quite low. The products are purchased only after a customer places an order. The seller then purchases the product from the supplier. This keeps stock investment to a minimum. 

Some of the recurring expenses that you will have to pay would be your internet bill, domain name renewal (annual/ semi-annual). Shopify (only if used by you), 

If you set up an online store on Shopify, you can expect to have the following expenses:

  • Shopify- $29/ month
  • Domain name- $9 – $11/ year
  • Traffic- $100 – $500 

Overall it is a very low investment compared to a retail business. The running expenses increase over time but remain very low compared to the income which you make.

Easy to Scale

When you look at a retail business, the number of work increases with an increase in the number of orders. But with the help of dropshipping suppliers, you can expand your business with minimal expenses and simply communicate with the suppliers bearing the workload.

The order fulfillment is not restricted to the store’s physical location or size. If the products ever lose popularity, you can change them with the click of a button without having to worry about the current stock. 

All the above-mentioned factors make dropshipping an easily scalable business compared to a traditional retail business.


Since dropshipping does not demand the presence of a physical location for inventory, you can access and run the business from anywhere around the world with an internet connection.

To attract more customers to your online store you can change its layout in a jiff. While on the other hand, it would take tons of money to plan a renovation of a physical store running a retail business.

You could be enjoying your holiday while giving a few hours to your business and still have a wonderful time. As long as you can communicate with the suppliers and the customers, you’re good to go. 

Wide Range of Products to Sell

Unlike a retail business, the change of trend does not affect the store’s sales massively. A small business can offer a wide range of products without requiring any physical storage space. 

You can offer an array of products to your potential customers without making any pre-purchases and spending a large amount of money. If your registered supplier has a new product in their stock, you can list it in your store and have it ready for selling to the customer without any additional cost. 

Challenges of Dropshipping

dropshipping challenges

Limited Branding

Since you are not offering the customer any product of your own, you are at the mercy of the supplier when it comes to the product’s packaging and branding. 

Very few suppliers allow your brand’s labels. In other cases, the product has the supplier’s branding which shows you as a dropshipper and not a retailer. This makes the customer question the credibility of the store. 

Usually, any change to the product’s branding demands a minimum quantity of purchase. This will increase the purchase cost, making it difficult for the seller to have the product ready for spontaneous orders.  

Supplier Reliability

If you have anyone in your circle who has been running a dropshipping business for a while, they can tell you the number of times they’ve been blamed on behalf of the supplier.

When it comes to inventory management, the seller is typically dependent on the supplier. If the supplier fails to deliver an order, the seller bears the expenses and deals with the customer’s complaints.

Similarly, if the supplier runs out of stock or decides to discontinue their work, it is the seller who experiences sudden disruptions in their business operations. Also, let me tell you, finding a good supplier is no joke.

In case you work with a low-level supplier, you can expect things to go south soon. Your business will have low-quality packing, reckless shipment, defective products, etc. All these factors will portray you as a low-grade business. 

Inventory Problems

It is easier to handle and keep track of inventory if you stock your products. But it gets difficult if you’re pooling in products from different suppliers. Even if you’re working with one dropshipping supplier, it is not possible to be aware of every single stock item since the inventory might change daily.  

You have to constantly communicate with the supplier about the available products in the inventory to update your online store. Luckily, with the help of some recent apps, handling stock has become easier. These apps allow the seller to sync with suppliers and avoid any chances of customer complaints. 

Low Margin of Profit

This is the biggest drawback of being in the dropshipping business. Since the start-up cost is very low and even the running expenses do not add up much, many newcomers launch an online store. 

This leads to the sellers putting out products on sale at rock-bottom prices to lock in more purchases. As a result, not only the competition between businesses increases, but it also forces you to reduce your product prices too. Hence the seller has very little margin to profit from.

However, since the start-up investment is so low, continuing the business is easier than simply stopping. People try to consistently increase sales volume to make it a significant earning.

Even with high-quality products and better customer support, customers will not hesitate to compare your business with low-level businesses. To prevent this, you should study the niche that is suitable for dropshipping before launching your site. It helps if you are already an expert in your niche. For example, if you are dropshipping camera tripods, It would really help if you have an idea about camera photography. Your experience would help you identify the right design and the right kind of material of the products.

Limited Customer Support  

Providing customer support when a customer faces any difficulty while or after placing an order is a challenge in itself. Most of the dropshipping businesses are run by a single person at the beginning which makes it difficult to handle multiple complaints efficiently.

If the customer complains of a defective product, poor packaging, or misplaced item, the seller has to communicate with the supplier and the customer to resolve the issue. This increases the layers of management from the time of order placed till the problem is resolved. 

If it ever happens that a customer has placed an order consisting of multiple products from different suppliers, it is the supplier’s responsibility to work with all the suppliers at the same time to fulfill the order.

How To Start Dropshipping

Here’s how you can create your own dropshipping store.

Step 1: Select a niche

It is the most essential step in setting up a successful dropshipping business to study the market and selecting a niche to sell your products in. However, do not follow the common advice about going with a niche you’re passionate about. After all, it’s a game of numbers.

What you sell matters, but that’s only half the truth. It all comes down to a combination of passion and profit. The best businesses are the ones inclined more towards profit. Passion eventually changes when profits start flowing in. 

At the same time, do not opt for something you’re completely not interested in. You will lose the patience to run the business over time. Choose a category of the market which has your interest and then select the most profitable one from it. 

You and your competitors will likely be dealing with suppliers that offer similar levels of service. Marketing your products stands as the differentiating factor between you and your competitor. Marketing something you’re not familiar with, something that doesn’t have your complete attention will not be successful.

To find a niche that will be suitable for the dropshipping business you can:

Use Oberlo

It creates a list of trending products. The list usually contains niches such as fitness, jewelry, fashion, tech, backpacks, and a few more. These are evergreen niches that have been seen ranking as some of the top online stores selling products. 

Google Trends

It turns out google trends is quite helpful in finding out whether a niche is in trend or not. However, when used alone it does not prove to be very efficient. It is recommended to use google trends as one of your niche selecting tools along with others. 

Browsing Top Websites

Go through the top-ranking websites in the niche you’re interested in. Read the testimonials to gain knowledge of their provided service levels and the types of offers they give to the customers. They often organize their products in light of the current trends which will help you understand what and how to arrange your website once created.

Check Order Volume

Browse products based on their search volume to understand their popularity. Although, products with higher search volume will also have higher competition and vice versa. 

Keep profits in check

When selecting a niche for your business, keep in mind that it’s a game of numbers. Note down the most profitable niches in a list and proceed to select a niche from there onwards.

Bonus Tip: Most profiting dropshipping businesses have trends within the niche they’re selling in. For example, kettlebells are a trend within the fitness niche. You want to have trends in your online store, not your store in a trend because trends keep changing and that could cause hindrance in running your website over time.

Step 2: Study Competition

Once you select a niche, you should then study who your competitors are in that niche and how they are selling their products. The best way to begin this research is with the help of Google. 

Open Google and search for the top-selling products in your niche. Upon reaching the search results page, go through the top-ranking websites that sell the selected products. Keep in mind the results will vary based on the location of the search. 

If you are researching a different location, you can alter that by changing the ‘Region settings’ in Google’s ‘Search settings’. You can use certain keyword research tools to help you in finding the buyer intent keywords. My personal favourite tool is SEMRush. It is highly efficient and versatile.Alexa or SimilarWeb are also some of the viable options to check out the top ranking websites that do not show up high in general search results. These websites will give you a summary of their entire information starting from their social media handles to their running advertisements. They also give out a list of competitors in a particular niche.

Browse through the social media handles once you have selected a niche. Surf through Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, their followers, their marketing patterns, the engagement they receive, and what methods can you copy from them. 

Use Buzzsumo to understand your competitor’s content and what works for them. Knowing these strategies you can replicate them and adjust them to your advantage. 

Analyzing your competition will allow you to decide the shipping cost for your products, supplier and manufacturing matters, and profit margins. Go for products that have high competition. It means they are high in demand and businesses dealing in those niches are doing well.

Step 3: Logistics & Paperwork

Analyzing the statistics and going through the paperwork is probably one of the most uninteresting yet important steps in starting a dropshipping business. To grow your business successfully, you must study and track all the data and metrics available. 

Tracking every single conversion allows you to understand where the customer originated from, the pattern they executed that they eventually ended up landing a purchase from your website. It gives you a better perspective of what will work and what won’t in the future for your business. 

  • Although I suggest that you prove the business model first and then get your business listed, if you want, you can register early on. Here are some of the paperwork that you may need.:
  • Registering a business name for yourself and a Doing business As(DBA) if applicable.
  • A business structure and working mechanism for your business as per your niche.
  • Acquiring an Employer Identification Number(EIN) for tax purposes. 
  • Business license and permits based on your location. 
  • Getting a Sales Tax ID if your business setup resides in The United States or Canada.

Obtaining a Home occupation permit. 

Step 4: Find a Supplier

After finding the right niche for yourself, competitor research, and taking care of all the paperwork is done; the time arrives to find a supplier for your business. Your dropship supplier is a key partner to your business. Hence, be sure to evaluate all aspects involved. 

The deciding criteria are as follows.

Product Samples

Request for product samples to test their quality before committing to a supplier. Reach out to multiple suppliers and ask them for samples to compare for the best product. Along with this, they may send you high-quality product images too for putting up on the website.

Years of Experience

A supplier with years of experience will be aware of the ups and downs while managing inventory and handling orders. Read blogs by successful businesses if available. 

A supplier with a good track record provides better customer services and reduces any chances of you being troubled too. Evaluate their Net Promoter Score and read reviews about them on websites like Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau.

Shipping Speed

Choosing a supplier who has a quick delivery speed gives you an upper hand in the competition. On the other hand, slow shipping leaves you with lesser customers who eventually stop purchasing from you.

Most dropship suppliers are located in China. But that does not mean the customers should not expect to receive their orders as fast as possible. 

Order Fees

Dropship suppliers charge a small fee from the seller. This fee is for handling and tracking the stock and orders. This fess should not exceed a few dollars. Be on the lookout for suppliers who demand low fees.


Upon making a request, a good supplier should be able to connect you with other businesses they have worked with. This helps you make up your mind while choosing a supplier.

Step 5: Build an online store

There are two ways to build your business website for dropshipping. If you have any technical knowledge, you can create a website from scratch on Shopify, Woocommerce, etc. Else, you can also create an online store on major e-commerce platform providers such as Amazon or eBay. 

Building an online store for your dropshipping business involves a few components one must keep in mind:

Domain Name

While building a long-term brand, your domain name holds much importance. The tool business name generator by Oberlo helps you simplify the process of selecting a domain name for your business. It is always better to get a .com extension for your domain. 


Shopify keeps adding new features, tools, and apps that help its users run their businesses easily on the platform. If you ever find yourself stuck in a corner, you can reach out to a Shopify expert who will guide you through the entire process and get things running again.

Shopify Theme

Along with its commendable services, Shopify also offers a variety of themes to design your website. You can opt for free themes while starting your business and switch over to a paid version later. 

Step 6: Marketing and Optimizing your business

Now that you have done all the prep work, it is time to let the world know of your presence and market your business. Do this without fail as it is a very crucial step in your dropshipping business plan. 

Some of the popular marketing channels that you can use are Facebook Ads, Bulk Email/SMS, Influencer promotions, SEO, and social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

Marketing your business will allow you to generate sales and revenue faster than simply waiting for people to randomly pop on your store. You can collect emails from the start and create automated email sequences that offer discounts and special offers.

Promoting on Social Media

First of all, to be successful in an online business you need to be active in most of the social media platforms. To name some Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and many more. 

Choose which platform will be apt for you and select 2 or 3 of them. Once you choose, learn what culture your platforms follow for example Pinterest uses more visual posts and fewer words. While on Facebook you can post blog content, long or short form, video content, and so on. Study your target audience and their preferences for the content type. Engage your social media users, ask them to comment with their opinions or suggestions. Respond to their comments, make them feel heard. All these methods will help you boost your customer base and build a successful brand line. 

Does Social Sharing Really Work?

Not really. Social sharing was an effective way of content marketing. That is sharing the content or review about your products and websites on the social media platform. In the past few years, social sharing has reduced drastically. There used to be a trend of the hashtag, where people could share their posts. But nowadays the trend has come down. Many people do not receive such notifications even if they are on the sender’s contact list. 

People see a lot of ads while scrolling across social media and come across a lot of websites, so it becomes easy to forget any ad they see randomly. Only if you keep popping up daily with your brand name, they will remember you. 

Keeping this in mind you can start investing a small amount in social media ads.

Try Instagram Influencer Marketing

During the last couple of years, Influencer Marketing has become one of the most important methods of marketing to boost your sales. It is basically the method of sales through word of mouth. You tend to buy a product that is recommended to you by your friends or relatives or someone who has used and shared his experience. Rather than the product you see in an ad. It is the same tactic just in its e-form. 

So, who are these influencers? Any person who has more than thousands of followers on Instagram and who has the power to influence their follower’s buying decisions are influencers. 

Instagram Influencers are categorized based on their followers. A celebrity need not be an influencer. If you notice some people are more relatable to the common man than the celebrities. They tend to be followed more than celebrities, they could be fitness freaks, beauty bloggers, fashionistas, or even chefs. 

The most common Instagram Influencers could be micro-influencers with less than ten thousand followers. Celebrity influencers who have a fan base to follow them. Then the blog influencers usually tend to vlog or blog about the reviews or recommendations about the products used by them.   

You need to choose the right kind of influencers who have the power to influence your target audience. 

There are a few important things to consider while planning to market through Instagram Influencers, first of all, do competitor analysis. You can see what type of campaign your competitor has done and also do a small research on what other brands have done. Next, have an idea of what you want but be open to creative ideas which the influencer could suggest. Trust them to run an engaging campaign for you. A most vital step in Instagram marketing is to choose the correct or relevant influencer for your product. Also, make sure to share your Instagram feeds on your Facebook page as well. 

Facebook Ads and Google Ads Are Powerful

Facebook and Google are the rivals of the technology media outlet. Both of the websites are the most used and preferred websites around the globe. 

Anything you need you can google it, in case of a query or review or opinion you can post it on Facebook. Both mediums have been playing a massive role in day to day life of every individual in this century. 

Facebook Ads are the paid method of advertising through Facebook where the visual aids blend in with the daily feeds and give the customers the information about your product without even their knowledge. They help in increasing brand awareness or generating new demand.

Whereas Google Ads works based on PPC Service, which is pay per click. When you search for an item, or a product in the google search bar, as the result of your search, on the top it displays the ad of the items you had searched. The website in which the products are available and also the price of the products are displayed as a search result. If anyone clicks on these ads the website owner will be charged for that. The ads are placed on the top and will be the first display for any keyword search that is related to the product. 

Google Ads and Facebook ads when used in the right combination and bring in a lot of traffic to the website and increase sales. They are powerful tools for marketing in social media. What most beginners do is create a brand impression through Facebook ads and generate leads through google ads. Also, determine which medium is best suitable for your product.

Email Marketing Still Works

Email Marketing is one of the cost-effective methods of marketing. Most businesses sell bulk email to customers or potential customers. Unlike the conventional method, email marketing has evolved a lot, it is not just big words convincing customers to buy the product. They have become customized and a lot of visual aids are used to make it interesting and catchy to generate traffic to their website. Primarily email marketing is used to announce a discount or special offer, it helps in creating brand awareness and increases customer loyalty. 

There are many email services providing software like Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, and GetResponse. That provides bulk email sending services. Internet Service providers provide email services only for personal use. In case you send bulk emails then there are chances that they tend to reach your customer’s spam box. To avoid such a situation and to land in your customer’s inbox ESP are suggested.  

Search Engine Optimization  for Dropshipping

If you’re someone low on budget, SEO and email marketing will come in very handy for your business at the beginning. Although SEO should be the backbone of your marketing schemes and blueprints. It increases the chances of your website ranking better. Thus leading to more revenue.

Facebook and Google Ads are also very helpful if you can afford them. They give you the ability to reach a large audience that could turn into your potential customers.

Once you start generating revenue, analyze the steps and methods that get you more profit. Keep them noted down for future assistance to generate similar results.

Beating the competition

dropshipping competition

If you wish to set yourself apart from the crowd, you must prepare a strategy to outsmart the competition. With the increase in online shopping, there has been an increase in both customers and sellers. In order to prevail, you can follow the below-given tips,

Identifying the competition

The first step to beating your competition is knowing your competition. Search for the top-selling businesses in your niche and study them all the way through.

Customer Reviews

Scroll through the testimonials and customer reviews of the top-selling businesses in your niche to know what the customers like and what they don’t.

Evaluate their Product Selection

The type of products they display on their website and the layout that they use for display will allow you to design your website better. Following similar patterns can yield better results in the beginning.

Financing Your Dropshipping Business

So far we have discussed how less it costs to start up a dropshipping business. The investment is minimal, but not non-existing. You have to take care of the recurring expenses such as the website’s expenses, shipping charges, and marketing costs. 

Business Line Of Credit

It is a combination of a loan and a credit card. It allows you to draw against a pre-approved amount of money, without having to pay any additional charge except for the interest on the borrowed amount.

Business Credit Card

You can use a Business Credit Card if you’re tight on budget. It allows you to spend for a predetermined period without paying interest if you qualify for a 0% intro APR business credit card. Once the period terminates, the APR sets in at a rate that varies with the market prime rate. 

AliExpress – The Best Dropshipping Supplier Website?

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Aliexpress is a China-based wholesaler who became one of the leading wholesalers since they started in 2010. It is a sister company of Alibaba groups. They have been offering a wide variety of products at affordable prices to drop shippers around the world.

Although it is the most popular supplier directory, it is not always sunshine and rainbows. But, more on that later.

AliExpress Alternatives in Dropshipping 

We cannot trust just one supplier even if they have millions of products in their catalog. Though Aliexpress is the best in the market, having an alternate supplier list just in case might be helpful at the end time. Some of the alternatives of Aliexpress are 


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DHGate is another China-based wholesaler which gives a similar user interface to Aliexpress. Even though it is China-based, it has suppliers from all over the world. It has been in this field for over 10 years now. It is one of the best alternatives listed on google and also the prices are comparatively the best in the market. 

Similar to Aliexpress they have a wide variety of products on their catalogs. If you are familiar with using Aliexpress then you can easily navigate through the DHGate. 

They charge no fees to build a dropshipping relationship. They accept only paypal for payment methods. But there are few drawbacks like you cannot trust every supplier, you should choose your supplier after reviewing for the best and also the delivery for any products takes from 10 to 15 day’s time. 


j4RnMNt50tuoWgGCYs87Ez8RjdD28w O9kwFy5B UKAdSacnfpADnuEjmXwHVdfikXldC4SOWtRcnhwBwGOZCAHuws8EEzia08sFrz1pMWUvUFWJTGGlyDvZkLd9HuPqW9j LeYn 2021 what is dropshipping EcomElement

One of the main attractions of Aliexpress is that they offer huge discounts, DealExtreme similarly offers huge discounts. If you are here to buy in bulk you will get large discounts and better prices, but single products might cost you more. 

They provide absolutely zero cost on shipping for some of the products, increasing your chance to earn more profit. They accept PayPal and credit cards as their payment methods. The product delivery takes about 2 weeks time to any place around the world. Pricing is one of the important factors which makes DX one of the best alternatives for Aliexpress.


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Banggood is a Hongkong-based platform that provides a wide range of products to choose from. They have not been considered rivals for Aliexpress but their product range and easy user interface make them a platform to consider. Electronic items and vehicle accessories are best to drop ship from BangGood.

They have various tools that make the transactions simpler for the suppliers in their dropshipping business. It is also easy to join. They use Visa, PayPal, and sometimes cash on delivery as payment methods. The delivery time takes up to 1 to 4 weeks. 


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Tomtop was established in 2004, they have been one of the most trusted and recommended brands by the Alibaba group. They have received Gold supplier status from the Alibaba groups since 2006.

They regularly update their product range with trending items and let the customers enjoy the new products. 

The delivery of the products could take around 10 to 15 days and payment methods are Credit/ Debit Card, and cash on delivery for certain locations and products. 

Start Your Dropshipping Store Today

There you have it. With the help of this article, hopefully, you can decide whether to start your own dropshipping business or not. By applying some of the tips and methods mentioned above you can have a better idea of how and where to start from. 

As long as you partner yourself with the right supplier and E-commerce platform, you will be able to display yourself as a distinguished business and allow customers to trust and purchase more from you. 

Here are a few takeaway notes for you.

  • Keep updating your website from time to time.
  • Work on your SEO.
  • Maintain a good relationship with your supplier.
  • Stay updated on your customer service.
  • Keep advertising on different social media platforms. 

If there are any unresolved questions that you still have in your mind, feel free to comment below or reach out to us on our social media handles. Remember, the best way to know something is to experience it.

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