Showcase your products where your customers hang out!

You have your own eCommerce store now… First of all! Kudos for taking action! I will help you with your eCommerce Marketing.

Let me tell you, that the basic marketing in eCommerce is not very different from offline business.  

Its just that the business along with the marketing has become digital.

Do you know how a product gets sold in a standard store?

To give you a clue, let me tell you a saying that we have in India. It goes like this “Jo dikhta hai, wahi bikta hai!” which roughly translates to, “The product that is seen is the only one that gets sold!

In short, you will need to display your products before your target audience. 

There are numerous methods that we can talk about here! You can do content marketing, in which you can drive traffic to your website through writing articles, posting videos about it. But we know what is the problem with that don’t we?

It is freaking slow. 

Although, I’d agree that its the best way to go about it. The growth is organic, the traffic is free. But it is ridiculously slow in the begining.

content marketing

I agree with Jordan Belfort here when he said, “The best way to earn money is FAST!

And in eCommerce, fast results takes investment. And the way to go about it is through Ads.

My expertise comes in creating simple video ads and running them in the most popular platforms such as FaceBook, LinkedIN and Instagram.

I value your money! Every penny spent will be accounted for.

Facebook Marketing

So Hop on this journey with me! 

Display your products in the largest social media platforms of your niche. Bring in traffic to your website and make awesome sales. 

I know I made it sound easy, but it is not.

The more powerful a tool is, the more complex. I talk extensively about them in my blog.

Now! My job is to market your eCommerce Products or Services in Social Media to a very highly targeted, tried and tested,  customer base that you know will defineitely convert.

I work with store owners to develop and strengthen the profitable marketing channels like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google PPC, Youtube Ads, and Influencer Marketing.

System WorkFlow

Content Creation


  • We will discuss about your product or services and, 
  • I will create awesome content for your ads (video or pictures).


  • Post content in your website and social media
  • Drive traffic to your store and make sales $$
Traffic sources

Let's get working!

Let me be honest! I mostly work alone and thus, being human, I can only take so many projects at a time.

I work with a maximum of 5 clients at a time, and hence I cannot really put a price on what I do!

However, I’d love to talk to you and give a quotation !

So Please do fill out the form below and I will text you back asap!