Sell The Trend Review | Find Winning Dropshipping Products Easily in 2021

Sell The Trend

What do you thing is the most important thing in dropshipping?

Its not marketing, Its not the website, its not the ads.

It is the product and your eCommerce niche.

While there is a number of ways to find good products for dropshipping, it actually takes quite a bit of research to find great ones. There are a lot of tools that can solve the purpose but the tool that we are gonna talk about today is probably the last tool you’ll ever need to do product research.

Sell the Trend is a new player in the product research arena but is already topping the list. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not just your typical product research tool wherein you can go ahead and find a bunch of products to sell.

Of course, you can do that, and infact Sell the trend started as a product research tool, but, it has evolved in to a full dropshipping app with one-click order fulfillment and much more.

In this Sell The Trend Review, you will find out why this could be your favourite tool to find winning products and fulfil them at the click of a button.

What is Sell The Trend?

Dropshippers are always searching for trending products that can help them get more sales. They use tools to do that and one such tool that has recently entered the market and is helping new dropshippers make hefty money is Sell The Trend. It comes with versatile methods to scourge the internet and find winning products that marketers can easily sell.

If you were looking for Ecomhunt + Oberlo at the same place, then that is exactly what Sell The Trend dropshipping tool offers to its users. It lets them hunt for the best products through gap analysis and competitor research. Moreover, it allows users to easily send the order to the merchant directly from within the platform. So, in a way it is automating how dropshipping works for good.

Apart from the basic functionality that is related to dropshipping alone, it also offers many new and important features such as a video editor, store intelligence finder, audience builder, and engagement calculator. 

In a way, a dropshipper now won’t have to look at other places to search for these statistics because all these are offered in a single place.

sell the trend dashboard

A screenshot of Sell the Trend product showing its functionality in a real scenario. Source: Sell The Trend

Interested in Sell The Trend?

Check out their website.

Sell The Trend Review: The Best Parts

The best part about Sell The Trend dropshipping store is that you can easily find winning products from multiple places including Amazon, AliExpress, Facebook, Shopify stores, and even Shopify products. 

Sell The Trend has its own catalogue as well where you can find a variety of winning products. At the time of writing of this review, Sell The Trend has over 4 million products available.

sell the trend available product

Going In-depth: Sell The Trend Close Up

sell the trend nexus

When you subscribe to the dropshipping tool you get a plethora of tools and products. This is the ‘ The Nexus’ AI dropshipping product finding tool. As you can see it offers multiple products that the users can search from.

Shopify Store Explorer

This list is prepared by Sell The Trend by observing the trends in the market. It continuously checks other dropshipping Shopify stores to find products that are hot selling. So, let’s say we click on a product.

Sell The Trend product page

The product insights page will open. As you can see, in this particular product page we can see that it is being sold from China and almost all dropshipping stores are based in the US. Moreover, it is already ordered over 340 times in these stores. Sell The Trend ecommerce dropshipping tool also tells about the product cost, selling price, profit margin, and total sales of the store.

AliExpress Sourcing with Sale The Trend

On the left side, you will see four buttons. If you click on the ‘Visit Store’ you will be taken to the stores where this product is a hot seller currently. You can also see the sourcing account on AliExpress by clicking on ‘Source From AliExpress’.

AliExpress product page

Finding Similar Products on Amazon

Similarly, the product can also be found on Amazon if you sell products from Amazon directly to your customers. Just note that Amazon charges a lot more in comparison with AliExpress. 

With that said, you can also check the product on Facebook groups and see if any seller is directly selling it to the customers for testing. You can ask them for a better bargain. You never know, maybe you get an even better deal.

On the right side, you can find the ‘Store Trend’ button. Clicking this will take you to the insights section of the product. 

Sell The Trend Stores Trend

You can now check for how long the product has been selling; if the trend is rising or falling; is it the right time to enter the market? If so, how much should you price the product for? 

All these questions are answered with the help of the Real Trends Chart of Sell The Trend.

Sell The Trend

Facebook Ads Insights for Each Product

The best part about Sell the Trend is that it also shows how to create ads for marketing your products. It has a ‘Facebook Targeting’ section where you can find audience insights, average CPA, and the daily budget that you can keep for selling the product. 

sell the trend fb interest recommendations

This way you will get an idea about what type of audience to target with your products to get the most revenue from Facebook alone.

Additional Tools by Sell The Trend

There are multiple other tools offered by Sell The Trend. These include Store Intelligence checker, Audience builder, engagement calculator and discovery machine. We will discuss each one of them one by one.

Store Intelligence:

Let’s say you want to know what type of products other stores are selling. You can use the Store Intelligence checker tool to spy other stores on Shopify. PQE4r8wOoNFPSpmGHvwf7YqNQnw5wDfT31s4lFwuR0kkpogfGxmMup7IpGJXLx6 KfNxupuktORytGuNEQt6IgKwiE8i8LcrM7 tseSgfGCQ R6OMEOyXu Jo9wfoVPbypicRyse 2021 sell the trend review EcomElement

The tool will tell you about monthly traffic, avg product price, monthly orders and estimated revenue of the stores so that you have an idea about what type of products will work best for your dropshipping business.

Video Creator Tool

Creating video ads is important for your store and you will need a premium video creator tool to do that. Sell The Trend dropshipping tool has made that easier as well. Because now with the clicks of a few buttons you can create videos that work great as Facebook ads.

sell the trend video maker

You can add your URL, text, images, and effects to make stunning videos for your winning dropshipping product ads.

Engagement Calculator

Creating engagement on your website is important but creating engagement that can help you yield results is even more important. The Sell The Trend review tool accesses your influencers for the right type of engagement. It then gives an Engagement Rating after calculating each influencer’s reach. This gives you an idea about what type of influencers to reach and which ones to avoid.

sell the trend engagement rating

The engagement calculator obviously provides a rough estimate so you should use this tool with Social Baker and manual audit.

The Nexus: Product Research & Discovery

You must be wondering how can Sell The Trend find top selling products for your business? What type of AI-product research tool it has that tells about all the winning products, their audience target, their competitor stores, and many other features? 

The AI behind Sell The Trend is called The Nexus. Let’s see what it is and how does it work?

Nexus uses both automated and manual review techniques to find each winning dropshipping product. It searches for top products by checking out other dropshipping stores. Most of the time, these products are also added manually by its creators. 

These products are then tested by the automated tool for:

  • The number of orders received on 5 stores
  • The average product price
  • The average product searches on Google
  • The average profit on each product
  • The sourcing URL for the product
  • The type of audience that will like it most on Facebook. (Again this is a manual process)

Since each store already has the ‘Order’ volume available, The Nexus can extract that type of information and add it it the database. 

sell the trend nexus

Based on these results, you can filter products by the:

  • Total product price
  • Total product orders
  • Shipping price for the product
  • Best shipping method for the product
  • Top countries where it is being shipped

and a lot more…

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Once more products start to pile up in the category, The Nexus creates a ranking for each category. There are numerous categories already available on the Sell The Trend and you can easily select one depending on what you are selling.

m0gnsfUN2ejttESLm0oRv6LKsO7W KvzDQeOKyW6YpVDt2 H0m0emCYhVX5CcusFXduPiPDQAc cBHYiY5rI46chPkOWu2r7oZ9jPfKb0S3NVMTo4LFtdgIMlbppUImJ5En8jTi6 2021 sell the trend review EcomElement

The team behind The Sell The Trend dropshipping tool keeps adding new categories when their demand increases. They use Google trends and various other methods to check what type of categories are receiving more traffic.

Explorers Tab in The Nexus

There is another important tab in The Nexus called Explorers. The tab tells about all the latest products on Shopify, Amazon, AliExpress and Ebay.
All these products can be sorted by their volume, sales, store positivity feedback, daily and total profit, and the product selling trends.

5OLyK2ypLfCUIcUqUXQfGt8SOsjh3S7zoisBO4noeeOOaq1hy2JEvMsX1VtLUvtVq0s MLOOAzjXpJC75P 2021 sell the trend review EcomElement

This is the example of the Explorers dashboard on Sell The Trend. Source: Sell The Trend

pThh3AEWAMTmGT nFpzY0HnXSn3UK HXlwbot31L2NK0FxlKFpPE5LVKFcy hPEIut31LCGFsPw2NLpaS5af11EiUMAwSIJZ99u hSryvOPak1Z0gr79qphS33unt4KMjAE9HZm7 2021 sell the trend review EcomElement

As you can see, each product can be easily checked for orders and price to get a rough idea about how much the product will actually sell for.

Facebook Course

Another great thing about Sell The Trend is its paid Facebook Ads Course. Those who want to create their Facebook Ads to better reach should definitely use the 1 on 1 coaching because it will direct them directly with the team behind Sell The Trend. They can discuss their problems with the team and see what issues they are facing and how they can be resolved.

mzRvNuRp8jguhlT 2021 sell the trend review EcomElement

The course is available in 27 different modules and the total price of the course is $99 only. In this course, you will learn everything from basic to advanced about Facebook ads and how to run them in the best way possible. The course also outlines various ad methods. It also tells about ads that are banned from Facebook and how to run them if needed. There are various other hacks mentioned that can help you get the most from your Facebook campaigns. 

Sell The Trend

Ready to get started? Visit: Facebook Course

 1-on-1 Coaching

The 1 on 1 coaching has separate charges but it allows you to directly contact the team through video calls. There are different pricing plans that you can choose from when using the online coaching with Sell The Trend team.

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Pricing of Sell The Trend Dropshipping Tool

Finding winning dropshipping products for your ecommerce store is never easy. You will need a reliable tool that offers the best value and that is completely affordable. That is what we are going to discuss.

I0082jDfB ddjQ4 ynXuX7n577SC EnXaDf65ZLZAA6wETOX 2021 sell the trend review EcomElement

The tool is highly affordable at only $38 for each month. However, if you want to double your sales and reduce the overhead costs, then our recommendation would be to get the two-yearly package.

gEn 1Kn8UMO1 qt8Yd2ky7 Xfi2j8s8718u8umeY7SQwM4onGT84KU bkjXUua4sJN1GPfubWA6IpM0uG0cp1nSUSac8Vo5mdEDkVmtgEKYLPvLDZbb HIiJ9tEeyVGqnDPhN1zC 2021 sell the trend review EcomElement

Of course, this one is for two years. So make sure that you plan to have your dropshipping business for at least two years before you purchase this one.

You also get a free 7-day trial so that you can easily test your products and see if they are the best fit for your business.

Sell The Trend Trial

haKGFQSBeFFL 9NrUGTdKpAqJW9i HGStXh2PaEf1IKBKjOY7axBhW AvAc aSr W0E7fqqNLMqutyfVklLV22oRMU2c4sxSxbnYFLGULj XpWGrTHcnKqhPCA4i9WXs 2021 sell the trend review EcomElement

Getting a 7-day trial on the Sell THe Trend product review platform is quite easy. You will have to add your credit card to get the trial though. If you opt out before the product period is over, you are not charged for anything.

Otherwise, the tool will start charging your credit card. So, make sure you decide early on.

Our recommendation is that you should try the tool hands-on to get an idea about how it works. Only then you would be able to decide if it is worth the purchase. 

OXjy5DA H aMAxPK8euax8eiBGFnM04y tYF7egmKn4k8vg7r3eRpw8EaRnfoR2RBXYl7tzBDZiqSQ05bOKwgbWMQetprxUbJPE CHlwFMNrCeMyJtqFfN4w09FqZrTV1N ws9X8 2021 sell the trend review EcomElement

Connecting Your Store With Sell The Trend

Connecting your Shopify and WooCommerce stores with Sell The Trend is quite easy. Simply click on the Connect the Store button and it will ask you for the URL.

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It will take you to the store – in Shopify you will be taken to the platform for authorization. In the case of WooCommerce, you will need to connect via an API key.

Once the store is properly connected you can directly import all the products to your store that are available on your Sell The Trend toolkit.

cc2y7l3ZgvyS db4RaLA6Mvc 0EpCusrGOIZeDG0EHdn48nqyNViIIeaQ9NTipkQxltEBMf1gAoCOtOgUo VkBIDjql99fQDKW 2021 sell the trend review EcomElement

The best part is that all the information is automatically populated on your ecommerce store unlike Oberlo. You won’t have to manually copy anything and paste to the store because that comes added.

How Sell The Trend Manages Orders

WnapwR4r dTV0WLQK14AFHIlkqYEMjhSw5UjyA28AwYygCuf812YaZwDpEKCOc1z39fssqkjaFQ3ZZZuhcy9JIJxmXwIQl5Kn9dFgA ja9Ja9GU7RUTJ1Ozq1DOfUT4qNanyQZ79 2021 sell the trend review EcomElement

Once your products are live, let’s say someone orders one of them. The Sell The Trend tool will automatically notify you about the same.

You can then connect to the AliExpress account to fulfill that order automatically. Just note that this process can also be done through Oberlo if you are using Shopify. However, Sell The Trend offers many other features that you will be using so it makes sense to use a single tool for everything.

Is Sell The Trend Good? What Others Say?

Sell The Trend is a recent entry to the market. It is a great platform for finding winning dropshipping products for anyone that would like to grow and scale their business with minimum efforts.

It is still in its infancy and therefore don’t have a lot of reviews on b2b ratings and reviews websites. However, it has many positive ratings on its Facebook page, and even on third-party single-person review blogs. These all combined give us the idea that Sell The Trend is a great product that is offering the value that users would want to double their dropshipping business. 

In fact, the tool has over 100 blog-based reviews on Google searches. This just shows that too many people are vouching for it. 

zNYyERb9oWV0itrtu8p35NyaDv06A0LnEbzqzqf8jnxs7P mPfnVIPwOIMqkixN0lYdg cH0FKenUV5nHeJsgWKoLcp6l Z f4Qi9UHORJI7D9d5yZiYHH11rI gmLEVm0a 4zM4 2021 sell the trend review EcomElement

The best part about Sell The Trend is that you can easily try the product for free because there is a 7-day trial available. Nothing can beat manual testing and if you believe later on that the tool doesn’t offer the value that you want, then you can cancel the subscription. No damage done, right?

Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend review: Final conclusion

By reviewing what the product has to offer, we can only say one thing that it is a MUST-TRY tool. You never know what type of dropshipping products you can find. 

For starters, Sell The Trend offers a lot of value for a small price. Think about it.

  •  You are getting a tool that lets you find winning dropshipping products.
  • It also helps you find influencers that you can use to market it. 
  • Similarly, it also tells about the top audiences for running your Facebook ads
  • The tool also lets you create video ads for your products and promote them through Facebook
  • Finally, it surpasses tools like Oberlo and brings everything to a single platform so that you can easily source and dropship products with AliExpress.

Interested in Sell The Trend?

With so many features available in just $38 per month, you can definitely give it a try. If you get even a few products that double your sale volume then that is a WIN-WIN for both! 

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