Jungle Scout Review – Really The Only Tool You Will Need?

Whenever I read, “the only tool you will need”, I usually never take it seriously. Most of the SAAS products have this line in their promotional content. I have purchased tons of tools for various reasons which were exactly promoted like that but none of which actually ended my tool shopping spree.

But when I decided to step into the world of Amazon FBA business & it was a time to gear myself up with the necessary tools, Jungle Scout actually surprised me.

Before launching any product on Amazon, it’s crucial to do your homework and do it right if you want your products to succeed. One great piece of software that I stumbled upon which helps you do this is Jungle Scout.

What is Jungle Scout All About?

Jungle Scout is a tool designed dedicatedly for Amazon Sellers (we the FBA guys) to help us in various aspects like finding winning products, estimating sales, conducting keyword research, spying on our competitors, finding verified suppliers for our products, etc. – basically, everything that is required to run a successful FBA business.

And the beauty of the tool is that – all this can be done from a single dashboard!

jungle scout review

But not all tales are all sweet. There are some sweets, some sours. So in order to shed some light on the entirety of Jungle Scout and help you make a decision with whether you should invest in the tool or not, I have put together an in-depth Jungle Scout Review.

But before we move ahead and dissect the tool, let us first understand why we need a tool like this in the first place while getting into FBA.

Why Will You Need A Tool Like Jungle Scout?

Wherever you are in your journey when it comes to selling on Amazon, you are going to need a tool that goes beyond what is seen in the front end for conducting research. Without that, it becomes extremely difficult to crack the code for FBA success.

This is where Jungle Scout comes into the picture. The tool is designed for people who are on different levels of journeys.

It is built & designed for someone who wants to –

  • Start selling on Amazon from scratch.
  • Scale up & grow your existing FBA business.
  • Work as an agency by helping other sellers grow.

So if you are amongst anyone of these, the tool will be extremely useful & you can’t go wrong by choosing to invest in it.

Jungle Scout Features & Benefits

To succeed in the Amazon FBA game, you need to work on two types of strategies simultaneously. The first is to pick up a quick momentum so that you fail fast, rise again & move up early compared to your competitors. The second is to prepare for a long-term game so that your success doesn’t become just a matter of trend.

The benefit of using Jungle Scout is that its features are designed to be helpful in fulfilling both types of tasks. Let’s take a look at some of the features and what benefits they offer.

Niche Hunter

If I was asked the very first thing that will set a path for you to succeed in the eCommerce world, I would always say – choosing the right niche. Without a tool or a feature like this, you can always decide on that, but are you sure you will be able to choose the right niche based on calculated data?

If you aren’t so confident about that, then this Niche Hunter feature of Jungle Scout will make your life easier.

jungle scout niche hunter tool

How Is Niche Hunter Helpful?

It not only helps you choose the right niche for yourself but also suggests products and keywords with the most profit potential. It makes the recommendation based on the following parameters –

  • Product Category
  • Competition
  • Listing Quality Score (LQS)
  • Average Price
  • Opportunity Score

All you need to do is to set the controls in the filter section as per your wants and the tool will come up with the segmented data goldmine for you.

Product Tracker

The lifeline of your business as an eCommerce seller are the products. And as the name suggests, this feature helps us find the in-depth data and analytics of each and every product that is present of Amazon.

jungle scout product tracker tool

How Is Product Tracker Helpful?

Product Tracker gives us the entire history and geography of a particular product. And what’s interesting is that it gives us that in real-time!

It gives you the data related to –

  • What’s the rank of a product in the bestseller list?
  • How many units of a particular product are sold?
  • How many reviews it has?
  • What’s the pricing & the profit potential?
  • How much the (actual) inventory is left in stock?

You need this feature to conduct your product research because when it comes to finalizing a product catalog for yourself that will work, it is important to have a data-driven approach rather than going with guesswork.

Product Database

If you know the products to be researched, Product Tracker can be a very great feature to conduct your research. But what if you don’t have any direction to head? This is here Product Database feature offers you a gold mine of millions of products.

jungle scout product database tool

How Is Product Tracker Helpful?

No, you don’t have to scroll through each and every product amongst the list of millions of them. There is a filter by using which you can get the list of products that fits your criteria.

You will be able to sort the products as per what demand they have, how much competition they have, what’s their pricing, rating, etc.

Additionally, there are more features present within this database like –

  • Product Profit Calculator
  • Product Rankings Identifier
  • Tracking Products on International Marketplaces

So doesn’t matter at what stage you are as an Amazon seller, this feature will surely be a handy one.

Keyword Scout

As we know that Amazon is a place to fulfill the demand rather than generating one, it is important to find out what are the queries people are searching for in the product search bar & then optimize your listings as per it to get discovered.

The only way to find them out is by doing keyword research. And as the need arises, so is the feature in Jungle Scout.

jungle scout keyword scout tool

How Is Keyword Scout Helpful?

Jungle Scout’s inbuilt tool – Keyword Scout saves you from losing thousands of rupees on trial and error. Instead, if you use the feature in the right way, you will be able to get those profitable keywords on the first go.

So what all things do Keyword Scout helps you in? It helps you in –

  • Finding out the niche-specific keywords particularly for your products.
  • The exact search queries that Amazon users are putting in that search bar.
  • A rough estimation of the required (and recommended) budget.
  • How relevant the keywords are to your product.
  • How easy is the keyword to rank (Keyword Difficulty)?
  • Recommendations to rank you for the specific keywords in the shortest time period.

So once you have the ability of keyword research with this depth of information, it will surely not be required for you to go anywhere else.

Supplier Database

The biggest problem FBA enthusiasts have while starting the business is, they have great product ideas, they have a calculated data, but they get lost when it comes to finding reliable suppliers for the products.

But as promised by the company itself, Jungle Scout will never let us go anywhere else. And in the case of finding suppliers to source the products, they are here for us!

jungle scout supplier database feature

How Is Supplier Database Helpful?

Jungle Scout has a database of thousands of verified suppliers that are actually suppliers and not traders. This makes life as an Amazon seller a lot easier.

So once you are subscribed to this tool, you don’t have to scrape a list of suppliers from various unknown directories, don’t have to keep hunting for them on social media groups, and don’t have to put on your explorer cap by opening a Google search.

A database of thousands of verified suppliers served in front of you on a platter. How awesome it can get?

Pros & Cons of Jungle Scout

I know this is why you are here. To understand where the tool excels and what it lacks. There is no point in singing just the sweet songs about it even though overall it is useful.

So let us first start by taking a look at what makes Jungle Scout an extremely useful tool out there in the market.

Pros of Jungle Scout

  • Helps you in finding out your niche & shows you the untapped market to step in.
  • Helps you in product research so that you never get stuck at, “what to sell?”.
  • Helps you in finding out & optimizing your listings with the keywords that bring in results.
  • The interface is quite easy to use.
  • It is really the ‘only’ tool you will need as an Amazon seller to succeed in the FBA business. The amount of features wrapped in just one dashboard makes it a powerful one-stop solution.

Cons of Jungle Scout

  • The software gets quite slow & unresponsive at times which sometimes affects user experience.
  • The data for the seasonal products is unreliable and often misleading.
  • A lot of inbuilt tools present inside the dashboard are not required most of the time & are just simply there.
  • The data especially pulled out by the chrome extension is not always accurate.
  • There is no free or trial version of this tool & the basic plan offers very much limited functionality.
  • The pricing model is confusing & it keeps changing quite often (more about it below).

Now besides the ‘what’ of this tool, you also must have got a clear idea about the ‘how’ of it. But still, things are incomplete until we don’t discuss how much it costs, right? Let’s take a look at the pricing.

How Much Does Jungle Scout Costs?

Now, this is the most confusing part of Jungle Scout. The pricing plan is dependent on the following 3 factors –

  1. Whether you go for the Web App, the Chrome Extension, or the Combo Package.
  2. Whether you pay on a monthly basis or a yearly basis.
  3. How many confirmed orders do you get per month?

Sounds overwhelming right? But it doesn’t have to once you look a bit closer.

Adding to it, should I also tell you that their pricing plans keep changing?

But considering the variety of functionality it offers, this doesn’t have to demotivate us.

Let us look at all the pricing option that is available as of now (don’t worry I will be keeping this blog post updated).

The Basic Plan
Monthly – $49/month | Yearly – $29/month

The Suite Plan
Monthly – $69/month | Yearly – $49/month

The Professional Plan
Monthly – $129/month | Yearly – $84/month

The Basic Plan is limited with the product tracking feature for only 20 products and product, keyword, and supplier database searches for only 3 searches per day. The Suite Plan extends that to 150 products and unlimited searches whereas Enterprise Plan extends that to 1000 products.

jungle scout regular pricing plan

To know more about what each plan has to offer and how your pricing can change as per the number of orders, you can just go head to Jungle Scout’s website & take a look at the pricing table calmly.

Which Jungle Scout Plan Should You Buy?

I am sure if you have landed on this article, you must probably be just starting out. And with an array of options that are available in Jungle Scout Plans, it makes sense to start with the basic monthly plan.

Though this plan has a lot of limitations when it comes to the number of database searches per day, it will be a great testing opportunity for you. On top of that, it will also be an affordable start for your FBA journey.

While looking at the monthly pricing if paid annually might seem tempting, but you have to take into consideration the large amount to be paid in the one go.

Thus it makes sense to go with the basic monthly plan, and if you are able to get results using it or find the tool to be extremely helpful, just go and buy the annual plan in the second month.

But if you are planning to scale up your business in the future, think about buying the Suite Plan over the Basic one as in the Suite Plan you will be able to perform unlimited database searches & the features in the Basic are too limited for what you will be paying.

The case will be entirely different if you are an agency or have a large team to work on a project. In that case, you will be needing the Enterprise plan as it allows up to 6 user seats in a single account.

An amazing offer is currently running on Jungle Scout with huge discounts. Grab the deal before it’s expired.

jungle scout offer pricing plan

My Opinion About Jungle Scout

I know that now you have plenty of information to think over and decide for yourself whether you should invest in Jungle Scout or not. Most of your questions must be answered. But how would I leave you without sharing my opinion that will help you ease up your decision-making?

So here is my take –

Almost every Amazon FBA tool out there getting launched once in a while is liking to compare itself with Jungle Scout. There are a lot of such comparisons and alternatives blog posts with regards to Jungle Scout out there.

This shows that you can’t go wrong by choosing this tool if you are intending to succeed at Amazon FBA. And it’s not even about the intuition or the noise about the tool out there.

If you simply look at the features and benefits it offers, it is probably the best tool out there in the market.

Yes, the price is somewhat on the higher side and there is no free trial offered by the company. But let me ask you one question. Are you serious about Amazon FBA and getting succeeded in it? If yes, investment in Jungle Scout will surely pay you off as you progress.

And as I began this article by saying, “I don’t take – the only tool you will need – promos seriously. But seems like Jungle Scout actually lived by it!

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