How To Sell Toys On Amazon?

Amazon is considered one of the largest online marketplaces when it comes to B2C. The demands of millions of consumers get fulfilled over here and thousands of retailers or resellers find their ideal customers.

The huge potential of this platform opens us with a huge opportunity for eCommerce enthusiasts. If one knows what to sell that will help people solve their problems, immense results can be obtained.

And if we look at the Toys industry (of course because this article is about it), not in the past 5-10 years, but in the last hundreds of years, you will understand that it’s one amongst the few markets that are both, evergreen but constantly adapting.

This leaves us with a lucrative business model that can be handled creatively but also has stood the test of time. Thus, when coming to the question of, “what to sell on Amazon?”, Toys could be a considerable option.

But as you might have sensed, besides the toy niche being a great fit for online stores, it has also become too competitive now. Hence, stepping in it blindly is not going to bring us any results.

Thus, in order to help you set up the right direction while selling toys online, I will be writing in this article about why is selling toys on Amazon a great business, what toy products can you sell on Amazon, best practices for getting sales, and much more.

Excited? Let’s get started!

Table of Content

  • Why Is Toys One Of The Hottest Categories On Amazon?
  • What Types Of Toys Can You Sell On Amazon?
  • Product Research Before Listing Your Catalogue.
  • Sourcing Toys (if you don’t have one)
  • Should Toy Sellers Go With Amazon FBA Or FBM?
  • How To Get Product Images For Your Toys Products?
  • How To Optimize Amazon Product Listing?
  • Start Selling Toys On Amazon Today

Why Is Toys One Of The Hottest Categories On Amazon?

Amazon is a place from where more than 8 lakh units of toys are shipped per month. And if it’s a festive season, then the sales grow easily by 2x to 3x. It is one of the categories which have shown a growth rate of 50% every year. (Source – Amazon India)

If we talk about the products whose sales literally shot up on Amazon in and after the recent pandemic, ‘toys’ were amongst the leading categories. This does not mean that the demand for toys was situational. It just showed how much potential the toys have on Amazon & how people are used to buying them from here.

how to sell toys on amazon

Toys have always been the most profitable category for selling on Amazon because of a lot of awesome product options available from overseas as well as local suppliers at cheaper prices.

In order to get an idea about how much the products related to this category get searched on Amazon, let us take a look at the very common search term ‘car toys’ below.

car toys keyword search volume

If you can see above, the search terms for the keyword car toys have almost a volume of 2,900 per month. And that’s not even on Google. Solely on Amazon. So you can imagine how many searches all the other toy types which are more popular must be getting.

So this gives us a clear idea about why ‘Toys & Games’ is one of the hottest selling categories on Amazon.

What Types Of Toys Can You Sell On Amazon?

While selling products directly through your own store, there is a scope of generating the demand of it first amongst the consumers & then promoting them. But when it comes to selling on Amazon, there is little to no success if your product does not fit in their category or subcategory.

Thus, before starting product research & finalizing our product catalog, it is first important to take a look at what type of products you can sell on Amazon.

You can simply visit Amazon (enter dot COM or dot IN as per your target country). Then go to All that will show you various product categories and then click on > See More > Toys, Baby Products, Kid’s Fashion. In this, you will be able to find different categories or subcategories. You can choose Toys & Games, Toys Gifting Store or International Toy Store & explore them.

But if you don’t want to get lost in them, I will also list a few product types below so that it will make your life a bit easier.

types of toys you can sell on amazon

Types of toys that you can sell on Amazon are –

  • Infant & Pre School Toys
  • Remote Control Vehicles
  • Sports Activities & Play Houses
  • Building Sets
  • Roleplay Games
  • Family Board Games
  • Ride Ons
  • Learning & Educational Toys

The above types are directly taken from Amazon’s official website as mentioned by them in this article of theirs. 

Product Research Before Listing Your Catalogue

Now after digging around the toy category on Amazon, we’ve come to a much better understanding of what products are being sold there. But our research journey doesn’t end there. We feel like we’ve just scratched the surface when it comes down to discovering how well (or poorly) these products are performing on Amazon. Don’t you?

That is why conducting product research is important. There are numerous product listings that never receive the expected traction whereas there are numerous others that do make great sales but become too competitive. Thus we need to be careful while conducting our research.

amazon product listing for a car

In order to make the product research task easy (and more effective), you can use a tool like JungleScout. You will get in-depth data of almost every product that is available on Amazon, its history, the keywords people are using to find it, the number of reviews, profit potential, and much more.

Trust me, if you are thinking about selling anything on Amazon, Jungle Scout is the only tool you will require which will make your life a lot easier. You can read the review of Jungle Scout written by me & you will understand how useful the tool is.

You can use the following metrics to finalize a product for your catalog –

  • Search volume for the product should be between 30k to 50k
  • The product should be sold more than 500 units per month
  • Ensure that the product is not sold by Amazon or other popular brand
  • There should be more than 500 reviews for the top seller

Sourcing Toys (if you don’t have one)

If you already are a manufacturer, a wholesaler, or already have figured out how to source the products for yourself, then you can directly jump to the next section. But if you aren’t or haven’t, then let’s figure this out.

toys suppliers

Once you know what products to sell, it becomes a Himalayan task to get them sourced as not all of us are manufacturers or distributors. But there is a way you can find reliable suppliers & buy the products in bulk. Let’s Take a look at a few of them.

  • Google Search – You need to be slightly creative while doing this. Try to include keywords like “manufacturers” or “distributors” with “inventory” or “csv” and combine it with the product name. Scan through the relevant websites.
  • LinkedIn – Conduct search by the product name and select “Companies”, “Wholesale” & your location name in the filter. Go ahead & connect with the relevant company profiles.
  • Facebook Groups – This is the easiest one. SImply find & join the Facebook groups of toy manufacturers or suppliers or even simply Amazon FBA related ones & post your demands on there. You can even find many other suppliers promoting their offers there.
  • Online Marketplaces – Online marketplaces like Alibaba, IndiaMart,Global Sources, etc. have a directory of thousands of products and suppliers and this will be the best place for you to source your products.
  • Jungle Scout – This tool is a boon for Amazon sellers. Besides all the awesome things that Jungle Scout does, you will also find the database of thousands of suppliers for various products through it.

If you want to get a detailed guide about finding reliable suppliers for your Amazon business, this article will be of great help.

Should Toy Sellers Go With Amazon FBA Or FBM?

You must be familiar by now that Amazon offers us these 2 paths while selling on their platform. One is to fulfill all the orders by ourselves ie. Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) while other is to get the orders Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). In order to decide which path to choose, let’s first take a look at what it is like selling via each method.

How’s It To Sell via FBA?

  • You ship all your inventory to Amazon’s warehouse & when you receive the order, Amazon delivers it for you. You don’t need to manage the inventory.
  • You don’t need to handle returns & refunds in this case. Amazon does it all for you.
  • All you need to do is to pay the monthly fees for this service (and ofcourse warehouse rent) and some additional fees on each order.
  • The best part is that as Amazon is confident about the stock, your products are available for ‘Prime’ delivery & your product listing might even get preference over other FBM listings.
  • The downside is that it might get expensive after a point especially if you receive lower orders. Also delivering your products to their warehouse is a bit of a pain due to their strict rules.

How’s It To Sell via FBM?

  • Under FBM, you need to do almost everything from packaging to delivering to handling returns & refunds.
  • You can’t use Amazon’s warehouse to store the inventory. You yourself need to take care of it.
  • If you are selling your products under FBM, there is actually not much of a benefit from Amazon for the sellers. Competitors selling through FBA might have an edge.
  • The only best part is that you don’t need to pay any monthly fee and you can have control of your business in your hand.
  • As an FBM seller, you might sometimes even need to deal with a lot of chargebacks & fines if you aren’t keeping your listing & product stock count updated.

With What Should A Toy Seller Go?

From the above points, it makes sense by choosing FBA over FBM. As we know that the toy market has become too competitive now & having our listing under FBA will at least ensure that our listing might get a little bit of a preference over other FBM listers.

Also, this will leave us with plenty of time as we will not be required to stock the inventory & do the shipment. So we can utilize our time to work on optimizing our listing and do the marketing cost.

But this doesn’t mean that going with Amazon FBA is the best option for selling all sorts of products. As the rental of the Amazon warehouse & the shipment charges is decided as per the size & the weight of the product, the FBA becomes really expensive in such cases. Having our own flexible options seems like a better option.

Thus, assuming that most of your toy products are going to be small to medium size, going with FBA will be a no-brainer. For products with larger dimensions, you can use FBM. And yes, you can use both the methods ie. FBA & FBM for different products at the same time.

How To Get Product Images For Your Toy Products?

Have you thought about it? What if we are able to source the products from a particular supplier, but what if he doesn’t have the photographs to share? Or what if the photographs are not on par with Amazon’s guidelines?

We know that images are the most important part of the product listing not just on Amazon but for overall eCommerce. Thus having a plan for getting product photographs clicked for your Amazon listings is crucial.

get product images for your Amazon FBA business

If you are buying products from an online marketplace like Alibaba, then things might get a little simpler for you as there are a lot of images already clicked by the suppliers. But for other cases, let’s take a look at different ways you can get photographs for your toy products.

  • Amazon Imaging Services – A lot of Amazon sellers are unaware of the fact that for FBA sellers, Amazon provides this service for the cheapest price. You can simply login to your Amazon Seller Central account, select the products that you shipped to Amazon warehouse & place an order to get the images clicked for them. Isn’t it simple?
  • Hiring Local Product Photographers – This will be the best option if you have decided to go with FBM or simply have some more demands from what Amazon Imaging Services are offering. But make sure to show Amazon image guidelines to the photographers before you go on the floor.
  • DIY Product Photography – This will be fun to do if you have good photography skills and a basic setup ready. But remember, don’t compromise on the quality. If you aren’t confident enough, just hire a professional.

To learn more about how to get the product pictures for Amazon and the best practices, dos, don’ts, etc. take a look at our article here

How To Optimize Amazon Product Listing?

Now the real game begins. It is at this point in time where whatever you have done up till now will be put to test. But if you fail to optimize your listing properly, all your efforts might go into vain. So, let’s take a look at how you can optimize your Amazon listing to get more impressions, clicks, and sales!

amazon a9 algorithm logo

It is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm that decides what and how to decide the rankings for particular listings. Though Amazon never reveals about what are their ranking factors, as per the experts, the ranking may be decided mainly on 2 factors that are –

  1. Keywords
  2. Performance

We can use these 2 factors to become relevant to our target audience & boost our rankings. So how to do that practically? Here are few things you can do –

  • Include relevant keywords in the product title, description and bullet points.
  • Don’t insert the keywords simply by doing the guessing work or copying the competitors listing. Use tools like Jungle Scout to do the keyword research.
  • Always keep your stock in place. A listing that often goes ‘out of stock’ does not get Amazon’s attention later.
  • More people landing on your listing should get converted into buyers. This will increase your ‘sales velocity’ that will boost your ranking. Use good infographics & write persuasive content in your description to get more conversions.
  • The CTR ie. Click Through Rate is also said to have a greater impact on rankings. Thus, having great product images & titles can ensure to get the clicks coming in.

Start Selling Toys On Amazon Today

By now you must have got a clear idea about how you can sell toys on Amazon and if done right, how this can be a long-term business for you. You might also have understood the potential of this amazing marketplace when it comes to the toy niche.

But keep this in mind that though Amazon is a marketplace where thousands of people land every day in order to solve their problems, there are thousands of sellers who try to push their listings in order to grab the attention and get sales as well.

But you cannot escape the competition on such marketplaces. Thus, you have to keep working on being different & being better from your competitors.

So let’s once again take a look at what all we did learn in this article –

  • Due to the level of competition in the toy niche & changing tastes of consumers, product research is something you have to stress the most.
  • Sell toy products that are unique and have your brand name on them. Selling generic products will not take you too far.
  • FBA will be the best path to go for the toy products over FBM.
  • The number of clicks & sales you will get on your listing will highly depend on how good the product images are & how well optimized your listing is.
  • Even though Amazon will be your main source of business, always have your own brand identity built through your own website for long-term growth.

So what do you think about this approach? Did you find the article helpful? Maybe you have more points to add. Let me know about it in the comment section below so that we can keep the conversation going.

Also if you have any questions related to Amazon FBA or anything related to eCommerce, just send me an email here – and I will try my best to answer it.

To Your Ecom Success,
Jayant Padhi

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