How To Sell Gardening Tools Online?

Gardening is a fun hobby for some people. For others, it is so close to the heart that for them, nurturing the plants is like nurturing their kids. Whatever the feeling is, there are so many people who find immense pleasure in getting surrounded by plants, be it indoors or outdoors.

With the need to take care of the eye-soothing greenery, arises the demand for tools & equipment that will be put to work for the gardening tasks. As the number of people who are turning towards gardening to embrace nature in this rapid urban development is increasing, the demand for such tools is ever-growing.

And do you know what happens with the increasing demand? The opportunity for eCommerce enthusiasts opens up! Considering the gardening niche, the opportunity seems promising like never before.

The offline market for gardening tools is huge, but by the changing times, as people’s buying habits are evolving, the market online and the demand for buying such tools through an eCommerce website is booming.

But things aren’t as easy as they sound. The gardening niche is huge. You need to get specific while building your brand online. You have to choose the products and the platform to sell on wisely.

Thus, if you want to step your feet into eCommerce within the gardening niche, this article will help you in preparing and setting up the right direction for your business.

Why Is Selling Gardening Tools Online A Good Business?

The global gardening market alone as per the 2020 data was valued at almost $104 billion. The growth for the market specifically for gardening equipment and supplies is forecasted to be steady enough reaching up to $130 billion by 2024. (Source)

Let’s take a look at the Google search volume data for a specific keyword ‘gardening scissors’. This should give us a clear idea about how many searches are received for products in the gardening niche online.

search volume for keyword gardening scissors

So as you can see above the average monthly search for the specific search query as stated above is around 1k to 10k which is great. And the searches are for a particular country India itself. So this gives us a rough idea that a lot of people are searching for gardening tools online.

Let us also head towards Google Trends and take a look at whether the popularity of the topic Gardening as a whole is increasing or decreasing. This will not give us a specific idea about the demand for a certain product but should be enough to show where the trend is going with respect to the overall gardening market.

google trends graph for topis gardening

So as you can see above, the topic of Gardening for the past 5 years in India though has a few fluctuations from time to time, the overall trend seems to be rising slowly.

Thus by taking a look at the above metrics, we can be sure about one thing that gardening tools & equipment are going to have great demand when it comes to selling things online & the gardening niche is going to have a pretty good market chunk in the eCommerce world.

Now the only question that remains is – how to go about chasing the niche? Ok, I can feel your excitement. But before we go ahead, let’s take a look at what are the gardening products that we can sell online & that have good potential.

Types of Gardening Tools That You Can Sell Online

The term ‘gardening tools‘ is very much broad. And it doesn’t just consist of gardening scissors, forks, or diggers. There are more than a dozen types of products and have an idea about all of them is important before we began product research.

how to sell gardening tools online

Thus, in order to sort out the products that come under the gardening niche, let us list down the tools or equipment one by one.

  1. Gardening Scissors
  2. Soil Testers
  3. Grass Shears
  4. Hedge Shears
  5. Bonsai Tools
  6. Garden Twine & Twist Ties
  7. Garden Saws
  8. Garden Trowels
  9. Manual Weeders
  10. Gardening Hoes
  11. Rakes
  12. Axes
  13. Cultivators & Tilers
  14. Post Hole Diggers
  15. Gardening Forks
  16. Shovels
  17. Gardening Loppers
  18. Manual Lawn Aerators
  19. Compost Aerators
  20. Sprinklers & spray pumps

Did you know all of these tools before? If yes, that’s great. If not, don’t worry. I too dint know before conducting research by myself.

So the good thing is, we have plenty of product ideas to go ahead and conduct our research. We never know, we might find some great products to sell from the above list.

The Right Niche & The Right Products

“Half the battle is won just by choosing the right battlefield.”

I know the above quote is overused a lot of times, but quoting it here was important to give stress on the idea of why choosing the right niche & the right products to sell is important.

Choosing A Niche

Yes, gardening in itself is not a specific niche (a micro-niche). It is an industry. Or maybe a market. But, looking at the amount of competition there is in the online world today, you cannot afford to be everything to everyone even regards the gardening niche.

So taking one step ahead from the niche, you have to finalize that what micro niche you can specialize in. Following are few micro niches you can choose from –

  • Bonsai
  • Landscaping
  • Indoor/Apartment Gardening
  • Horticulture
  • Many others…

You can get creative with the niches and find out what excites you, what knowledge you have, and are people searching for the products from these niches. Once you decide on a niche for yourself, it’s time to choose the right products.

Products Research

Almost 50% of your eCommerce success is going to be dependent on whether you have done your product research right or not. In order to get that right, you can conduct product research in the following ways.

Amazon Bestsellers

This is the best place for finding the products that people are searching for and is receiving the highest attention in real-time. It makes sense to head to Amazon as the first step of research as it being the largest place for retail eCommerce. And Amazon Bestsellers is where you will be able to witness the hottest products.

amazon best sellers for gardening tools

All you have to do is – head to the Amazon website (dot COM, dot IN, or the extension that is applicable to your target country). Once on the home page, go to Best Sellers > Garden And Outdoors > Gardening.

Now take a look at all the top products that are performing well. Check the reviews & ratings. Look at what people are saying about them.

Scanning through the products, you will have enough idea to go ahead & dive deep into each product time. Basically, your brainstorming journey will begin.

Product Research Tools

If you have to go one step above while conducting your product research on Amazon, you can use a tool like Jungle Scout.

This tool will not only help you to get the entire history & the data of all the products sold on Amazon but will also help you find what keywords are people searching for when it comes to particular products and what is the profit potential for that product.

Here is the in-depth review of Jungle Scout that I wrote recently. Take a look to know what all things this tool can do for you.

I will only (and highly) recommend you this tool if you are thinking about selling products on Amazon. If not, you are just fine with the other research methods.

Competitors & Similar eCommerce Stores

Competitors are your best friends! No really. They will give you the best ideas about that products at least while starting out.

All you have to do is conduct a search for a particular keyword for a gardening product. Example – buy gardening twine online.

Now the search results for both paid search ads or organic results will be shown up for the eCommerce stores that must be selling the gardening tools. Leave the popular marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, or other general stores.

Go for the stores that seem ‘niche’ as per their domain names. And now take a look at what all they are selling. Isn’t it easy to spy on your competitors?

Keyword Research Tools

Now such tools will not help you directly with the product data, but you will be able to identify that what products are receiving what number of searches. This will give you a rough idea of what people are already searching for.

This method is great to validate the idea of products that people are already searching ie. to fulfill their existing demand. It might not work best for the tools that are unique and will require demand generation first.

The keyword tools that you can use are – Google Keywords Planner, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, SEMRush, etc.

Instagram Hashtags

This is another unusually great way to get product ideas and find out what’s currently working on social media. Almost all niche eCommerce brands use Instagram, as their major source of marketing online & you will be able to find what are they selling by using hashtags.

All you have to do is to conduct the research by putting hashtags in the search bar. You can use hashtags related to a product type or directly the product name to get relevant results. And when you have the results, take a look at the product images or videos that appear.

How To Source The Gardening Tools From Suppliers

If you are someone who is already into manufacturing or has the gardening tools ready to be sold, you can just skip this section and head on to the next section below. But if you are someone who hasn’t sourced the products yet, let’s talk a bit about it.

You have to be extra careful while looking for a supplier as – a supplier can make or break your business. Yes, the suppliers play so much of an important part in your eCommerce journey.

gardening tools supplies

Following are few ways how you can find reliable suppliers for specifically gardening tools –

  1. Find Suppliers On Google

Well, this is something that may seem like common sense but you’d be surprised how often people don’t really know how to take advantage of “Google” to the greatest potential.

You can input the following search terms in Google –

  • Gardening equipment manufacturers in India
  • Suppliers of Gardening tools in India
  • Wholesale “inventory” India “xls” Gardening equipment
  • Supplier “inventory” India “csv” Gardening tools

You can go ahead and put the exact product names to get more relevant results. Also, you need to wear your explorer hat and research a bit as you will not be able to find some good results in the first go.

  1. Find Suppliers On LinkedIn

Although the search for suppliers is easier on LinkedIn than Google, they may not be in a city you’re searching in. But what’s wrong with trying out?

Just head to LinkedIn and do the following –

  • Enter ‘gardening’ or specific types of gardening tools in the search bar.
  • Select Companies and enter the Location in the filter.
  • Select Wholesale in the filter.
  • If you want, you can choose the Company Size.

Now take a look at all the results one by one. If you find any relevant one, just go ahead and connect with them. If you don’t find anyone relevant, then don’t worry. We have more ways to find them.

  1. Finding Suppliers On Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are an excellent platform for finding suppliers as a lot of sellers and suppliers tend to congregate there. This is simply because they’re used to interacting mainly on Facebook with their customers, and not on other professional platforms like LinkedIn.

You can enter the following search queries in the Facebook search –

  • Gardening tool manufacturers
  • Gardening equipment suppliers
  • Gardening supplies wholesalers
  • Gardening tool distributors

Once you find the relevant active groups, you can join them & connect with the other suppliers. Most probably the suppliers will be frequently posting their offerings in the group or you can go ahead and post your demand.

  1. Online Marketplaces

These places will be gold mines for you. Be it Alibaba, GlobalSourcing, IndiaMart, etc. Actually, there are tons of other ones but you need to verify their credibility & check reviews from other users if they are not much popular.

You will be able to scan through thousands of products, take a look at their pricing, get ready-made product images and directly connect with the suppliers on such marketplaces.

You will find the ready-made database on such sites. Thus, if you are not determined to go for the local suppliers and are open to importing products from overseas, then marketplaces like Alibaba will be a great place to find the suppliers.

You can take a look at this article to find out how to import products to India from Alibaba.

Alternatively, IndiaMart is a great supplier directory too if you are from India and want to find local suppliers.

Getting Product Pictures For The Gardening Tools

One of the most important aspects of selling a product online is – product pictures. If a potential buyer is going to buy a product, they need to see what they are buying first.

And what if I tell you that it is only through the pictures that people are going to attract & click on your listing. The copy & the description will come later. Hence, getting great product images is as important as choosing the right products.

product images for gardening tools

Now, if you are someone who is going to source the products from marketplaces like Alibaba, you might get the images readily available. But for those who will be sourcing them from the other places, here are the different ways you can get awesome images clicked for your gardening tools –

  • Local Photographers – Find a good local photographer who is specialized in product photography through business listing directories like Google My Business, Just Dial, Sulekha, etc.
  • Freelancing Websites – You can hire a photographer through freelancing websites like Upwork or Fiverr to capture your product photos. But you will have to ship your products to them in order to do that.
  • DIY Photography – You can create a product photography setup in your house & click the pictures by yourself. But do it only if you have enough knowledge of clicking good images & have a good quality camera or else you will be compromising on the quality.

If you are thinking about selling products on Amazon or any type of eCommerce store, this detailed guide will be of great help to you.

Choosing A Platform To Sell

At this point in time, you can decide whether you have to sell products by yourself ie. through your own website, or through some already popular marketplace like Amazon.

While choosing each of the ways does have some pros or cons, it is very important to have your own store. This is because it is the only place through which you will build your own brand.

Being present on marketplaces like Amazon too will help you grow your sales as such platforms already have thousands of hungry buyers landing on their website.

So you know what the best bet can be? To be present on both platforms! Yes, you can do that. Just in case you decide to dropship the gardening tools over owning the inventory, you might not be able to sell on Amazon as per their rules.

Building Your Brand

Branding is important for any business that wants to be successful in the eCommerce industry. Consumers tend to purchase products that come from places that they know and that they feel are trustworthy.

Therefore, having your own unique branding will help you to retain customers & build a following in the long run.

gardening tools branding

Also building your own brand is more than just coming up with a cool name for your company or deciding on a logo. Instead, it is about building an online persona that shows who you are as a company.

You can do the following things to build your brand –

  • Work on being recognized for a certain niche. Don’t become a gardening tools online store, become an online store that is specialized in a particular aspect of gardening who also encourages certain things.
  • Write an inspiring & emotional story behind your brand that consists of why you chose gardening over anything other & what is your vision with regards to this industry.
  • Work on building a community around your brand. A like minded community who is into gardening as a hobby or something like that.
  • Plan social media activies and PR startegies for your brand.
  • And of course don’t forget to work on your logo, tagline & brand theme.

If you work on these things, your gardening eCommerce store will be able to stand out from thousands of other similar stores.

How To Market Your Products?

All the efforts that you took till this point in time will yield results only if you do marketing right. In short, marketing is where the real game begins.

There is more to marketing than just put your product in a catalog and start selling it. A lot of factors will be involved and all of them will need your attention and more so, your skills and knowledge.

The following strategies will help you understand things that you need to execute marketing for your online gardening tool store –

  • You can start a blog related to gardening on your eCommerce website to bring in targeted traffic.
  • Facebook & Instagram ads works extremly well for the niches like this. You need to target the people who have gardening as their interest or bodies & have liked similar Faceook pages.
  • You can reach out to the influencers who actively make content realted to gardening niche & ask them to give you a shout out or promote your products by placing them in their content.
  • If you have products that people are already searching about, then running Google search & shopping ads can give you decent amount of traffic & consistent sales.
  • It is recommended to offer COD (Cash On Delivery) if you want to win the trust and break the entry barrier for first time buyers from your store.
  • If you have hosted your store at online marketplaces like Amazon, it is important to optimize your listing & grow the search traffic. You can also make use of their sponsored listing provision to get that initial traffic.

And remember, marketing is all about trial and error. You need to test what channels are working for you, what message is bringing you more sales & then kill the things that aren’t working. Scale up only those campaigns that will give you the best results.

Start Selling Gardening Tools Online Today

By now you have decent information about how you can start your own eCommerce business online and start selling gardening tools through it. But the information will make no sense unless and until you step on the ground and start taking action.

Keep this thing in mind. Selling gardening supplies online is not a crazily trending market like that of fashion or accessories. It is a niche market with humble but sustainable growth and a very focused intention. You cannot tap the market simply by making use of people’s impulse buying tendencies. Thus, you need to be patent and have a long-term approach.

If you wisely choose a micro-niche within the gardening niche & give enough time to do product research, you can succeed in this space quicker than you would imagine. And as you know, if you play a long-term game, scalability in eCommerce is literally unlimited.

So what do you think about the above approach? Did this article help you in clearing things that were lingering in your mind before landing here?

Also, I would like to know what made you consider the gardening niche for your eCommerce business. Let me know about it in the comment section below so that we can keep the conversation going.

Additionally, if you have any doubts or want my help in anything related to eCommerce, feel free to shoot me an email here – and I will try my best to help you out.

To Your Ecom Success,
Jayant Padhi

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