How To Sell Furniture On Amazon? – 2021

I remember a couple of decades ago while shifting to our new house, one of the things that gave us the most headaches was to find the right furniture that fitted and suited our new rooms. Roaming in the market places from shops to shops, showrooms to showrooms became more of a pain than an excitement.

Recently, the same was an occasion for my friend who shifted to his new house in our town. Surprisingly for him, it just took a few scrolls & taps on the Amazon app on his phone to do the same task for which we spent days.

eCommerce and digitization have dramatically changed consumer habits. Marketplaces like Amazon have made people open to buying almost anything online.

People have transitioned from, “who buys such things from the internet?” into ordering almost every unimaginable item online.

If you are someone who retails & sells furniture items solely in the physical store, you must have witnessed the limitations of the business model in the recent pandemic. Even though this situation did not stay like that forever, it has made people realize that buying online is as good as buying offline.

stool, mini cupboard and furniture items

Thus, as a manufacturer, a retailer, or simply as an eCommerce business enthusiast, the online marketplace for large-sized high ticket products like furniture items seems promising. The question is, are we making the best use of it?

But when it comes to selling things on Amazon, it is not as easy as it seems. If it’s your first time, the process might seem a little intimidating. Also, competition on such marketplaces is extremely high which leads to many sellers thinking that cutting down the prices is the only strategy to survive.

But if thousands of other furniture product sellers on Amazon are making it big, why can’t you? So, fret not! In this article, we will take an in-depth look at how to sell furniture on Amazon and become a successful Amazon seller.

Table of Content

  • Why Is Furniture One Of The Hottest Categories On Amazon?
  • What Furniture Products Can You Sell On Amazon?
  • Product Research Before Listing Your Catalogue.
  • Sourcing Furniture Items (if you don’t have one)
  • Should Furniture Sellers Go With Amazon FBA Or FBM?
  • How To Get Product Images For Your Furniture Products?
  • How To Optimize Amazon Product Listing?
  • Marketing Your Product Listing
  • Building Your Brand
  • Start Selling Furniture On Amazon Today

Why Is Furniture One Of The Hottest Categories On Amazon?

Since the last couple of years, Amazon India has enabled thousands of new sellers in the Furniture Category to come online and get access to millions of sellers across the nation. These sellers were small and micro-level manufacturers and suppliers who came online for the first time.

If Amazon is taking such an initiative, there must be some great plans ahead, right? Also if you take a small tour in the Amazon Best Sellers section, you will be able to find many furniture and home decor items being sold like hotcakes.

keyword data for buy furniture online

If you take a look at the data above, you will be able to see what all keywords people are using either in the Amazon product search bar or on Google search that is leading them to land on the Amazon store.

There is a huge demand for Home Furnishing products if we consider the keywords like ‘sofa sets’ and ‘furniture for living room’, etc. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As you go deeper into the keyword research specifically for Amazon, you will start seeing the scope for various other furniture categories as well.

What Furniture Products Can You Sell On Amazon?

There is little chance of you getting success on Amazon if you go for the products that not many people are searching about and which do not fit in the Amazon product categories.

Remember. Amazon is all about fulfilling the people’s demands. If your products require demand to be generated first, then Amazon might not be the best place for you.

amazon furniture categories

You can simply visit Amazon > Click on ‘All’ which will open up all the categories and > go to ‘Home, Kitchen, Pets’. There you will be able to see all the available categories like Furniture, Home Furnishing, Kitchen & Dining, etc. Inside every category, there are various other subcategories. See whether your products fit in these categories.

But once you take a look at the categories, so that you don’t get lost in it, let us also sort things out in terms of exactly what product types Amazon allows you to list.

Types of furniture you can sell on Amazon are –

  • Beds
  • Sofa Sets
  • Mattresses
  • Recliners
  • Coffee Tables
  • Dining Sets
  • Wardrobes & Cabinets
  • Wall Shelves & TV Units
  • Tables, Chairs & Stools

Product Research Before Listing Your Catalogue

Now we know what all products are being sold on Amazon. But our product research journey hasn’t ended here. Perhaps it has just begun. Just because products are listed on Amazon doesn’t mean that they are doing good there.

There are still thousands of products on Amazon that never receive much ‘add to carts’ and later need to be unlisted by the vendors. On the other hand, there are few products that are doing great on Amazon, but the space has become so competitive that new listings entering the race might get ignored.

product listing on amazon for queen-sized bed

Thus, even if you have a variety of products to offer, you need to first take a look at what products are doing great and what is not on Amazon before finalizing your product listing catalog. Also, you need to check the scope for yourself, or else you might get crushed under the already popular listings. Makes sense right?

In order to do in-depth product research, you can make use of tools like JungleScout, Viral Launch, or Helium 10. They offer a wide range of data regarding each and every product present on Amazon like – Search Volume, Monthly Units Sold, Dominance, Review Count, etc.

Make sure you finalize the products only if the data shows the following results for the similar products –

  • Search Volume = Between 30k to 50k
  • Monthly Units Solds = 500+ / Month
  • Dominance = Ensure its is not Amazon or other popular brand
  • Review for the Top Sellers = <500
  • CPR 8-days Giveaways = <300

You can use this data to finalize your product catalog.

Sourcing Furniture Items (if you don’t have one)

Skip to the next section if you are a manufacturer or you already have products sourced for yourself. But if you are someone who is just starting from scratch, let’s look at how you can source the furniture products that you have just finalized.

labour working of furniture items

There are several ways you can find suppliers, particularly for furniture products.

  • Google Search – You can start your research on Google by simply putting in the search queries like <product name> manufacturers in <country name> or something advanced like supplier “inventory” “<country name>” “xls” (or “csv”) <product name>. This way you will be able to conduct a targeted search to find the suppliers for the particular furniture items you are looking for. You can even go ahead and replace the word supplier with ‘manufacturers’ or ‘wholesalers’.
  • LinkedIn – Besides being popular amongst job applicants, LinkedIn can also be a good platform to find the manufacturers or suppliers of various products. All you need to do is to enter the type of product you need to find supplier for, eg. Sofa Sets. Once you enter that, you have to select ‘Companies’ and choose the Location Name in the filter. Choose ‘Wholesale’ under the ‘Industry’ option & perform the search. Take a look at relevant results & connect with the active users.
  • Facebook Groups – Facebook Groups is another good & easy to research platform where a lot of manufacturers, suppliers & traders are active. You can simply go ahead and conduct a search based on ‘Industry’ or ‘Product Type’ keywords like – ‘suppliers’, ‘manufacturers’, ‘distributors’, etc. and find relevant groups. Join the groups and connect with the relevant people there.
  • Online Marketplaces – Alibaba, IndiaMart, Global Sources, etc. are no-brainer when it comes to product sources. All you need to do is to head to any of these sites, look for the products and contact the suppliers. Yes, it’s that easy. As the purpose of such marketplaces is to connect manufacturers and suppliers with the retailers and resellers who are looking to buy the products in bulk, things will be sorted for you here. All you need to do is to take extra efforts to find and validate the ‘good’ suppliers out of the ocean.
  • Using Tools Like Jungle Scout – Now this is a gold mine for Amazon sellers. If you are already using a tool like Jungle Scout for other purposes like Product Research, you will be getting access to the database of thousands of reliable supplies and manufacturers without any of them being a middleman or a trader. Jungle Scout has recently launched something called ‘Supplier Database’ which will help you find the verified suppliers based on your specific niche. Considering all the features this tool offers & how it marks life easy for the Amazon sellers, it is definitely a must have tool.

If you want to get a detailed idea about how you should find reliable suppliers for Amazon business, just go through this article.

Should Furniture Sellers Go With Amazon FBA Or FBM?

This doesn’t have to get complicated. Amazon has more than 2.5 million active sellers across the globe. Some choose to fulfill the orders by themselves. Some prefer to pay Amazon to fulfill the orders for them so that they can focus on different things. When you fulfill orders by yourself, you take the path of FBM (Fulfilled By Merchant). When you pay Amazon to fulfill the orders for you, you choose FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon).

But while choosing a path, it is very important to make a decision wisely. Why? Let’s take a look at how things will work for you & what you should do in each case.

FBA For Furniture Sellers

In this case, you will be able to ship all your furniture items to Amazon’s warehouse. Once you start receiving orders on your product listing, you don’t have to do anything. Amazon will pack the order from their warehouse & ship them directly to the customers. They will take care of all the returns & refunds if they occur.

Pros of FBA

  • Amazon Prime customers can order your products with prime ie. 2 day shipping.
  • No need to handle inventory, shipping & customer service.
  • Preference to receive the order when similar FBM sellers are competing for the same listing.

Cons of FBA

  • You are not in control of your business much.
  • Strict requirements of packaging and labelling before you ship the products to their warehouse.
  • It is very expensive as you need to pay both, fulfillment fee as well as monthly Amazon fees. The fees are based on product size, thus it gets expensive for larger & heavier items.

FBM For Furniture Sellers

This is a simpler model. You just list your products on Amazon & collect your payments from there. Apart from that, everything else should be taken care of by yourself. You pack the orders, you ship them & you yourself handle all the returns, refunds & customer service.

There are few plus points as well as downsides in this model as well. Let’s take a look at them.

Pros of FBM

  • Fees to be given to Amazon are lesser as compared to FBA.
  • You have control over your business.
  • Flexibility in packaging & labelling norms.

Cons of FBA

  • You don’t get a preference when customers place orders on your listing where other FBA sellers are competing.
  • You have to undergo the hassles of all the returns, refunds and customer service. It can get painful at times.
  • Amazon has strong rules like on the number of times products go ‘out of stock’, order cancellations, etc. Not abiding by them can lead to timely fines and lower reach.

What Should Furniture Sellers Choose?

At the first glance, it seems a better idea to go with FBA. Who doesn’t want Amazon’s assistance to grow our business? But when it comes to larger products like furniture items, Amazon FBA can get really expensive which might eat your margins and leave you with thinner profits.

futuristic image of robots carrying inventory in Amazon warehouse

The case is different when it comes to other small-sized and low-ticket items like apparel or kitchen knives. In that case, going for FBA would have been a no-brainer. Warehouse rental & fulfillment charges would have been much affordable.

But as the Furniture Items are mostly high ticket and occupy a lot of space, making a preparation to fulfill the orders by yourself ie. FBM might be a good deal. But there is good news! You can always use both methods based on your products.

So if you have smaller products like small stools, home decor items, etc. then you can choose FBA for them, and for other heavy-duty items like sofa sets, beds, and dining tables, you can choose to fulfill them.

How To Get Product Images For Your Furniture Products?

This is one big question which a lot of merchants have when all the things are in place and it’s time to list the products. Not all suppliers will provide you the professional-level pictures which will be suitable for Amazon listing. If in case they have, then mind that these products must have already been listed by many others.

photo studio to capture furniture images

So how to get the product images clicked for your Amazon listing that not only Amazon, but also your potential customers will love? Here are the following ways that you can get it done –

Hiring Local Photographers

If you are going to fulfill the orders by yourself & the inventory is present with you locally, then this is the best way you can get product photography done for your listing. You can simply Google ‘product photography {your city name}’ and get the list of hundreds of photographers or photography studios around your area on either Google My Business or local business directory listings. Just make sure to refer to the Amazon image guidelines before you go on the floor.

Amazon Imaging Services

This will work only for the items that have been listed for Amazon FBA and those that are available in Amazon’s warehouse. Generally from your Amazon Seller Central dashboard, you can upload the product database and choose the products that you want to get the photos clicked.

Your products will be picked from the Amazon warehouse, will be taken to the studio, standard photos will be clicked from multiple angles & your product will be shipped back to your warehouse. All this for dirt cheap pricing. Now isn’t it cool?

3D Rendering

This is a bit of an advanced way to get your product images done in the coolest way. In this, firstly your product is scanned using a scanning device, and then the 3D artists using the designing program to render the 3D image of your product.

The biggest advantage of 3D rendering is that you can be flexible with the angle of the product you want to choose to be displayed and the freedom of being able to place the product anywhere anyhow. Also creating a new variant in terms of colors or texture as well as making the changes in the image later is quite easy. The biggest drawback is that there are very few artists who can actually deliver you great results which can make it expensive.

Secondly, if the results get messed up & the image feels ‘unreal’, Amazon can actually ban your listing. But having said that, 3D rendering isn’t uncommon as it sounds. In today’s date, it is widely used by various brands to create computer-generated imagery for their products.

If you want to learn about more ways that you can take to get the product pictures done for Amazon and the best practices, dos, don’ts, etc. take a look at our article here

How To Optimize Amazon Product Listing?

Now comes the million-dollar question. “We have done our product research, we have chosen great products, we have also captured amazing images. Now how to optimize our product listing to bring in more traffic and more sales?”

How can I end this article without shedding some light on this? So in order to understand the best practices for optimizing our Amazon listing, it is important to know how Amazon’s ranking algorithm – the A9 algorithm works.

Note – Amazon has maintained a tight secret about what all factors they actually consider, but the below points are based on the general overview and the assumptions put forth by the experts.

amazon a9 algorithm logo

The factors affecting your product listing ranks as per the Amazon A9 algorithm & how you can make use of it are as follows –

Based on Keywords

  • Use relevant keywords in the product title.
  • Use relevant keywords in the product description.
  • Use relevant keywords in the bullet points where you explain the product benefits.

Based on Performance

  • Your Sales Velocity, ie. the number of sales based on the number of clicks should be high.
  • The CTR (click through rate), ie. the number of times people are clicking on your listing based on the number of times your listing is getting the impressions should be good. Your images and the title will play a huge role in determining it.
  • Make sure you don’t run ‘out of stock’ very often. Also make sure to get good reviews.

To know more about optimizing your Amazon product listing, how you can do keyword research specifically for Amazon SEO, best practices for optimum performance, etc. take a look at our article here

Start Selling Furniture On Amazon Today

By now you must have got a clear idea about how you can go on to sell the furniture items on Amazon and build an online order receiving stream for your business. You also must have understood the potential Amazon has when it comes to selling furniture and similar high ticket products.

But remember one thing. Amazon is a place where people come to search for things that they already have an idea of and have a need. Amazon works as a ‘demand fulfiller’. And here, there are hundreds and thousands of sellers just like you trying to grab their attention.

Thus, you need to get things right before stepping into the game. Let’s quickly sum up everything that we learned above.

  • Product research is must before you even think of listing a product on Amazon.
  • Get your products labelled by your brand. Don’t sell generic items.
  • Choose wisely whether you want to go with FBA or FBM. This can make or break your business.
  • Get awesome product images for your furniture ites & get your Amazon product listing optimized.
  • Even though you are present on Amazon, always have your own brand & online presence in place.

So that’s it for this article! Let me know below in the comment section whether you found this helpful. Also if you think I missed out on some points, just mention them & I will try to keep the post updated.

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