How To Get Pictures For Amazon FBA

Remember the last time you purchased a product online, what tempted you to do so? Was it the title text? The pricing? Or those awesome images that made you future pace yourself with that product? I am sure it was the images that struck an impulsive emotion within you and encouraged you to click that buy button.

Now shifting to the other side of the spectrum and thinking as a seller instead of a buyer, making use of this emotion is very much important. The best way to make people buy is by showing them tempting images of a product.

Think of Amazon like a matrimonial site, but for products. How will people even consider going ahead with the products if they aren’t able to visualize them?

But said that, when it comes to the FBA, the number ONE thing where sellers get stuck once the products are finalized is, how to get the product pictures for Amazon listing? You know that’s totally unskippable and has a major role to play in getting you the desired results (read – sales).

Thus, to help you solve that issue, in this article we are going to look at the following topics which will assist you in getting the best product photos for your Amazon listing.

  • Importance of Photos In Amazon Listing.
  • Attributes & Types of Product Photos.
  • What Does Amazon Say About Photos?
  • Getting Photos For Your Products.
  • DIY Product Photography.

But before we proceed, it is important to understand why the product photos play an important role when it comes to Amazon, and how the ideal product images should be.

So let’s begin by understanding the importance first.

Why Are Product Photos The Most Important Part Of Amazon Listing?

“People remember 80% of what they see & only 20% of what they read.”

So tell me frankly. Whenever you scroll through eCommerce websites like Amazon or anything else, do you actually read the product titles one by one, or do you simply go on scanning through the images?

If I am not wrong, you just scan through the images, right? Once a particular image successfully hooks our attention, then we go ahead & read their title and the description to know more about them. Who reads those lengthy descriptive titles at first glance? They are just to make search engines happy!

amazon bestsellers product images

So to make things simple, just keep this in mind. They are the ‘images’ that tempts people to check your products out and thus, getting them right is the first thing you need to do 

But what do great product photos look like? What are the best practices when it comes to Amazon product images? What are the attributes of good product photos? Let’s take a look at it below.

Attributes of Good Amazon Product Photos

As you know Amazon is more of a demand fulfillment platform. People use Amazon as a search engine for products. They already have a rough picture of what they are looking for. Thus, it is your responsibility to give a clear picture of your product rather than trying to be creative.

So what are the attributes of the great product images which will make people click your listing on Amazon? Here we go –

  • White background photos are a must when it comes to Amazon. You can add a lifestyle shot photo with them as well. But do not skip white background images.
  • Be very minimalisting in your shots. Focus on your product & don’t use too many props, subjects or textures.
  • Have good lighting. Make sure all the parts of the products are visible & are not in the shadow.
  • Question yourself about what’s the intention of using the product or what angle of the product (not literally) you need to showcase & plan your concept accordingly.
  • Highlight your product features & brand logo (if any) by choosing a proper angle to capture the images.
  • Avoid glossy looking final product images as the visuals might seem confusing. Use matte effect as much as possible. 
  • Though it is compulsory to upload a minimum 1 image per product on Amazon, make sure to use at least 6 images to get better results.

Here are the types of images for your product photos –

  1. White Background Images.
white background product photo on amazon

These are simple images shot on a white background that showcase your product in its entirety & are generally captured from multiple angles.

  1. Lifestyle Images.
lifestyle product photo on amazon

These are the product images that are captured in action while your product is being used by a subject.

  1. Infographics.
infographic product photo on amazon

These are white background or lifestyle product images with textual or numerical information included which can state features of your products.

What Does Amazon Say About Photos?

Now before we move ahead and start getting creative with our cameras or hire a professional, let us first listen to what Amazon has to say about their guidelines for uploading product photos.

  1. Every unique product listing requires at least 1 product, but 6 products with 1 video is recommended.
  2. Main product image should strictly be a white background image & should focus on only the product.
  3. Additional product images should focus the product from different angles, highlighting different features & in a different environment.
  4. Image must match with the product title & the almost 85% of the image should be filled by the product itself.
  5. Image should not be blurry or pixelated.
  6. Main image should not have any text or watermarks & all the images should be free from Amazon logos or trademark content.
  7. Images should not contain any nudity & if the human models are used, they must be in standing position only.

For more detailed guidelines of Amazon, refer to this link.

So now that we know the dos & don’ts, it’s time to get into some action.

Getting Photos For Your Amazon Products

It doesn’t have to be as difficult as you thought. I am sure you must have imagined that you have to rent a photo studio & expensive gear, hire people & get your photography done. Well, none of this is required.

The good news is, you don’t even need to move outside of your house. And you know the best part? Amazon does it for you! You read that right. If you are an FBA seller and have your products in the Amazon warehouse, getting product photos will be just a cakewalk for you. How? The magic wand lies in your Amazon Seller Central dashboard.

Amazon Imaging Services

Well, I don’t know why, but many of the sellers are unaware of this awesome service that Amazon provides. Especially when the sellers are just starting out and don’t have their seller accounts opened with Amazon yet. But now that you are here, you will not be missing it.

amazon imaging services through seller central

So how does it work?

  1. Once you get your own Amazon Seller Central account, you will be able to go to the Manage Inventory section once you log in.
  2. There in the ‘Images’ column, you can select a particular product image which will take you to the images page.
  3. There, you will now have an option of ‘Let us image your products’.
  4. Through it, you will only be able to choose the products that you already have in the Amazon FBA warehouse.
  5. Now the products for which you have placed the photography order will be picked up from the Amazon warehouse & sent to the studio.
  6. There the professional photographers associated with Amazon will click the best 2 images per product as per the Amazon guidelines & will return your products back to the warehouse.

Can it get any simpler?

But I know you must be having a million-dollar question in your mind. “How much does it cost? It must be expensive!”

Now I don’t have the exact numerical answer to your first question, but let me give you some relief by answering the second one. You can get professional images clicked per product for a price that is cheaper than a burger! Yes, you read that right. As Amazon has hundreds & thousands of products to be clicked daily, they are able to afford the service for the most affordable rates possible.

You also have the option of getting the product clicked with either plain white background or with the model posing with your product! Isn’t it amazing?

But the rule is, you need to have the product listed in the seller account first under Amazon FBA and the product should be available in their warehouse at the given time.

Also, you need to check whether the service is available for your country & the products that you have listed are eligible for the order.

Outsourcing The Photography Service

If for some reason you choose to take the other way, have some other requirements, or Amazon product photography service is not available or ineligible for your country or product, then still you don’t have to worry. There are plenty of different options as well.

Local Photographers

If you want some control over the way your photos will be clicked & have some additional demands as well, this is the easiest way to go. Especially if you are living in the Tier 1 or Tier 2 cities, you will be able to find a lot of good product photographers who will have their expertise in eCommerce or even Amazon to be specific.

a local photography studio setup

All you have to do is –

  • Have the products handy with you of which you want to click the pictures. You can get a sample directly from your supplier or an Amazon warehouse.
  • Search for “Product Photographers” in your city on Google or on the local business listing directories.
  • Get in touch with a few of them, ask for their previous work & their pricing.
  • Choose the best one you think & go ahead with them.
  • Mostly they will be having their own setup or may rent one if required.
  • Specify your needs clearly & carefully study the Amazon guidelines prior.

You can get the photos tweaked & edited as per the requirement. But make sure you get both, the original raw data as well as the compressed edited images.

Freelancing Websites (Upwork, Fiverr, etc.)

If you are not able to find a good product photographer in your local area, you will surely be able to find plenty of them on freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiiverr, Freelancer, etc.

But you need to be careful while doing so as there are a variety of professionals, from newbies to professionals listed on such websites & choosing a perfect one can be a daunting task. Still you can keep these things in your mind while finding a good photographer on freelancing websites.

  • Make sure to check the profiles & offerings of various photographers.
  • Checking out the pricing & what will be the exact deliverables in that pricing will be a key factor for you.
  • Most of the freelancers do showcase their previous work which will clearly give an idea to make a decision. If not, you can contact the person & ask for their previous work in a respectable way.
  • Check the reviews. They will matter for you the most. Only hire someone with good reviews. Don’t fall solely for the low prices.
  • Alternatively, post a job with clear description & criteria. Choose the best candidates from the ones who apply.

Once you hire a freelancer, you will be required to send your products to their address with your expense to get clicked. So make the provision accordingly.

3D Render

I was confused about whether to include this in the list or not. But then I thought. The technology exists & is widely available now. And you need to know about it!

So yes, you can get your products rendered using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and get the final images flexible to use however you want without having to take every possible shot.

3d modelling artist rendering a product design

Now this is not the best practice for all the products. Only certain products which don’t have much texture to it are well rendered. Or else the photos can seem unrealistic & glitchy.

Also if the pictures get identified as ‘unrealistic’ your product listing might get kicked out from Amazon. Thus working with a good artist is the only key.

So if you are able to hire a good 3D design artist who can create stunningly realistic 3D renders for your products, you actually have a benefit of being able to use the image flexibly from almost any angle & placed with almost any subject.

But now that we have various options of outsourcing the photography for our products, let’s shed some light on how we can get something similar done right in our houses.

DIY Product Photography for Amazon

For all the creative heads out there, you’re going to love this. If you are able to gather all the necessary equipment & are able to properly set things up, DIY product photography can actually get the work done.

clicking product pictures with your mobile phone

But is it the best practice? Yes only if you’re already good with photography. And, NO if you’re aren’t as getting good product images is the most important part of your business & you don’t want to mess with it.

But having said that, let’s straight away look into what all will you need to start with & how the step by step process will be.

The Setup

Gather all the items listed below first –

  1. Phone with a good camera. (Wonderful if you already have a DSLR camera)
  2. A portable light (ex. LED lamp)
  3. A plain white cloth.
  4. A box or a pile of books to heighten the cloth position.
  5. A table.
  6. Products to be clicked (of course)

Once you have everything in place, it’s time to set everything up for action.

Step 1 – Place the table near your window so there is plenty of light (in the daytime).

Step 2 – Place the box or a pile of books at the edge of the table.

Step 3 – Place the plain white cloth as such that it covers both the box/books and the entire table.

Step 4 – Place your product on the table in a manner that the box/books come in its background.

Step 5 – Set the portable light in such a way that the shadows over the product get filled up.

And now, be ready with your phone or a camera!

Clicking Images

Make sure that everything is well set up, the product is well illuminated and the white cloth is able to serve as a great background.

Open your phone camera or a DSLR & try to find the best angle. Roughly 85% of the frame should be filled with the product.

If you’re using a phone camera, try to adjust the exposure by taping the various areas of the screen or by adjusting the available settings. If you are using a DSLR camera, then of course you can do that by playing with the Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO settings.

Make sure that no part of the product gets hidden in the shadow. Click multiple images from various angles of each and every product that you are thinking of listing. Click what you find visually beautiful & well defining.

You can use 2 types of shots –

  1. Fly Eye Shot ie. a picture taken from the top of the product.
  2. Angled Shot ie. a picture taken from dynamic angles.

Don’t worry about the white background being lost in the edges of your frame or being a bit creasy. We can always edit that later.

Editing & Final Touch Ups

Once you have all the pictures taken, the job is not over yet. We need to pull all the data in our editing software & give the final touch-ups to make the pictures look more decent & professional.

You don’t need to have some professional-level editing software like Photoshop to edit the images. Of course, if you already are familiar with one, you can play a lot more in it. But for the sake of ease, let’s focus on the inbuilt photo editing app in your phone.

Here are the key things which you have to do while editing your image –

  • Crop the picture so that the edges & borders are all clean and clear.
  • Increase the exposure till a point that the product is clearly visible but the white background is fully blown out and looks even & non creasy.
  • Align the image in a way that it doesn’t look tilted.
  • Keep the product positioned in the center.
  • Play with saturation, contrast & tone in the settings so that the product in the image stands out.
  • Check the colour balance & colour tone once so the white background actually looks white without having a bluish or yellowish tint to it.

Note – The above process & setup is stated only to share the easiest method to get the things done. But it is not a recommended one to obtain the best results.

Professional Alternative Setup –

To obtain the best results, you can go ahead and buy or rent the following things –

  1. A Photography Tent.
  2. A good DSLR / Mirrorless Camera.
  3. A Lighting Setup.
  4. A Tripod Stand.
  5. A Photo Editing Software.

And if you’re someone who already has all this stuff, then I don’t need to tell you what you should do next, right?

Get Pictures For Amazon FBA Products Today

So you might have a clear ‘picture’ by now that when it comes to the internet, visuals are the king! No matter whether we are talking about social media or Amazon itself. Thus, getting product images right will ensure that your product will be well perceived by the store visitor & maybe lead to a sale!

No matter how much your budget is, now you have various different methods to get the best pictures possible for your Amazon FBA product listing. You don’t have to wander anywhere else to find the solution.

Apart from the above-listed things, if you have more creative ways to get perfect images for your products, then let me know in the comment section below. We will open more options for the newbie sellers out there this way.

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