Glorify App Review | Is Lifetime Deal Worth It?

Tired of designers ruining your product images?

Let me guess, you tried Canva as well just to see if you could create your own product images and failed. If so, there is a new app in town called the Glorify app.

In fact people have started calling it the Canva for ecommerce. Why? Because it does the same thing Canva does but for ecommerce. Whether you want to create ads for your ecommerce store promotion, or want to add new product listings to your social media pages, you can style your products in any way you like.

Let’s learn in detail about what the Glorify App can do for you. But first…

What is Glorify 2.0 and How is it Different?

Glorify 2.0 or simply Glorify App is a way for ecommerce store owners to create fancy styles for their product displays that CONVERT well. In simple terms, it lets you design your product images just the way you want. If you want without hiring a designer. You can do everything from premade assets or templates. Everything is available in the Glorify app. It can even turn your product image transparent so that you can add any other styling of your choice.

Check out its demo here

People Love Glorify App & Why?

Do you know that the Glorify app was number one on Product Hunt for a day? People simply love it for how easy it has made for people to create product promo banners. This was something that took ages. Also, designers used to charge hefty amounts for creating product images. But now store owners have the power back in their hands.

Best Features of Glorify App

Here is a list of features of Glorify app and how they can help any average ecommerce store owner to create stunning images with just a few clicks.

Quick Effects for Professional Design

The best part about Glorify is that it can easily create professional designs without the help of a designer. 

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Whether you want to add a shadow at the end of a product, or make it look more bright on a dull background, you can do that with the help of effects available in the Glorify app.

One-click Background Remover

The best thing that Glorify offers is the one-click background removal tool. It has made life of many ecommerce store owners a lot easier because they can now clean all the product images without hiring a designer. The background removal tool creates a transparent image that can be used on ecommerce stores, ads, and even in social media posts.

Create Stunning Product Images in Minutes

You can literally create stunning product images in the Glorify app within minutes. Canva is another app that allows users to create and edit images, but Canva is restricted to social media only. It doesn’t have a background remover or premade assets that Glorify has brought to the market.

Add Shadow Effects to Images

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Whether you want to add effects to your images just like the one in this image, or add reflections, you can do all that with the click of a button. Making customizations to the Glorify app is as easy as refreshing your computer. 

Glorify also saves all the editing you make on the image. The styles are kept saved for your other images so that you can change them at a whim. You can also test new designs to see which one works best for you.

Add Reflection Effects With a Click

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Another great thing about Glorify is that you can add reflections to your product images with just a few clicks. See the image above. It is a blurred product image and it was made just by clicking a few buttons in the Glorify app. Think about all the possibilities you now have available thanks to the Glorify app.

Annotate Tool to Show Special Features

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Ever wondered how most product images have those annotations? They look nice, right? Now you can make them as well. How? Glorify offers this very simple feature that allows you to click a button and annotate the product available in the image. You can add as many annotations as you like. Just make sure they balance the product and they look decent. You don’t need a designer but you need to have an aesthetic sense when creating designs on the Glorify app.

In-built Logo Maker

Glorify also allows you to make logos. If you are just starting out with your ecommerce business and don’t know how to find a logo designer that can help you with a decent design, you can rely on the Glorify app. It will not only create classic images but it will also help you create logo designs that work for you. This allows you to brand your product just the way you want it.

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Smart Resizer for Your Designs

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The best part about Glorify is that you can easily make designs that work best for each social media. For starters, you can create Facebook square images, rectangular Pinterest images, vertical rectangular Instagram images, and a lot more. And, you don’t have to design a new image. You just have to click the Resizer button and it will automatically create the resized images for your, completely automated.

Select Images from Premade Templates

What type of product images do you want to convert people? Anything that has a price, discount, and a clean product available on it, right? You will need PhotoShop, a designer, the right fonts, a few icons, and three hours to create the image. But, with Glorify, you can create the same image in less than two minutes. Now think. What if you had 200 such images? It would take you more than two months to do the same with PhotoShop. But now with the Glorify app, you can do all that within a single day.

Exclusive Support

Finally, the best thing Glorify offers to its users is its exclusive support. If people get stuck on the platform, the support team of Glorify is always ready to help them. A reflection of this is already shown on their homepage where they have a live chat option. You are not even a user but have a question from the support team? You can simply ask them about it. The team will reply to what you want to know.

Glorify App Pricing: Is it Worth the Price?

Absolutely! The Glorify app is available for free for those who want to test it. Obviously there are limitations with the free version but you will get an idea about what value it offers to you as a user.

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And when you are done with the free trial you can move to the pro plan that is only available for $13 per month. That is really nothing when you think about how much you will be paying to the designer per hour just for designing your images. Now even an intern armed with this tool can create quality product images for you that CONVERT WELL.

It is all about CONVERTING, right? Why else are you creating images? That’s what this app can do for you, then this is the app you should have.

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Our recommendation is that you should go for a pro plan because you won’t be making more than 100 images per month with the app. And, a trial is not enough to create quality product images for your ecommerce store.

Here is how I calculate the value the Glorify App offers me.

You get a $13 package for a month and you create 100 product images with it that can convert your product faster. You earn $200 from your product sales in the same month. So, $187 is your profit, right? 

And, this $13 is just nothing when you compare how much more you can earn with your product images if they are designed nicely.

Glorify App Lifetime Deal

If you are serious about boosting sales on your eCommerce store, then you should go for the Glorify lifetime deal. The lifetime deal is only available for $97 (one-time fee). Yes, you read that right. It is only $97 and you can see the complete details of the Glorify app here.

Who Should Buy the Glorify Lifetime Deal?

  • You have multiple ecommerce stores
  • You rely solely on product images to sell your products
  • You don’t want to spend hundred of dollars to hire a designer
  • You are a one-man store manager
  • You want to double your store sales and don’t want another hand on deck
  • You like Glorify features and want to get the whole deal
  • You are tired of paying a monthly subscription for a software

Now that we have seen what the Glorify app can do for ecommerce store owners. Let’s see its alternatives and if they are any better.

Alternatives to Glorify App

Here is a list of alternatives of the Glorify app. Want to know how they compare with it? Keep reading.


First and the most obvious one is Canva. Canva is known for its social media poster feature. You can get YouTube thumbnails, Social media posts, and almost anything that you want directly through Canva. But when it comes to ecommerce, Canva has its limitations.

For starters, Canva can’t make as sophisticated product promo banners as the Glorify app can.

Moreover, it doesn’t have the option to clean the background. It also doesn’t offer the shadow or the reflection options for product promos. Finally, users can’t add stylized templates for ecommerce product banners. That is only available in the Glorify app at this time. 

Moreover, Glorify app has divided each ecommerce design into a niche. If you have a tech store, the designs are going to be different. If you have an apparel store, the designs are going to be entirely different. That’s how things work and that is what the Glorify app is offering to its users. Canva on the other hand lacks all these features. It goes granular on social media posts and their sizes. But when it comes to going sub-niche in ecommerce designs, it doesn’t have any designs available.

It would be wise to say that Glorify has created a market for itself by finding a gap that no other design tool has filled. This void was also a pain for ecommerce store owners who had no other way to create interesting designs for their ecommerce product promos/banners.

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Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a replica of Canva. It also has the same features that Canva offers but it doesn’t offer the features specific to ecommerce that Glorify does. 

For starters, Adobe Spark is a premium tool and you only get a few templates on a basic account. Canva is much better when it comes to designing even on the free account. 

Secondly, Adobe Spark focuses on social media just like Canva does. Why? Because it was never intended to create product banners. Product banners in fact are just a mini part of the design bundle it offers.

If users want to show their portfolio, they can do that with Spark, if they want to create social media posts, they can do that with spark, but for ecommerce, it has a fair set of limitations.

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Adobe Spark is mostly used by influencers and social media managers who would want to create banners for their social media channels/pages/groups in minimum time. Its premade assets make it easier for the user to design and publish those images.

Like Canva, Adobe Sparks lack the ecommerce aspect. It doesn’t drill-down on ecommerce niches and industries. That is why ecommerce store owners love Glorify app over Adobe sparks.


Last but not the least, we have Crello. Crello is another online graphics and photo editing app that works on web and mobile. It is somewhat like Adobe Sparks and Canva and focuses on influencers and social media managers who would like visual content on a regular basis.

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Crello can easily create posts such as quotes, facts, statistics, service and product promos, and a lot more with the click of a few buttons. They can also save these designs for the future, right on Crello.

Unlike Glorify that focuses on ecommerce product promos alone, Crello focuses more on App designs, Web Designs, Book and Magazine covers, banners, images, photo edits, and photo compilations.


Glorify is a great ecommerce product app that has created a niche for itself in the ecommerce arena. It is unlike any other and that is why ecommerce store owners love it. 

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