101+ Email Subject Lines for eCommerce Brands

“Subject line to your Email is like a Teaser to a Movie. Craft it carefully… And you have everyone interested!”

Before we begin, let me ask you. What brought you here?

Was it my ad copy? My previous articles that you found interesting? Or maybe the headline of this blog post?

Ok I know you are not going to ‘reply’ here right away, so I will answer the question myself. Knowingly or unknowingly, my words brought you here! Right?

Writing email subject lines for eCommerce campaigns can get pretty frustrating. When our own inboxes are flooded with hundreds & thousands of promotional emails, many of which we don’t even know exist, how can’t we go blank when it’s our turn to send emails to our customers?

Sounds relatable, right?

Now that I have you all eyes & ears (or just eyes maybe), let me say one thing.


You are just a few words away from being – ‘We don’t get good open rates’ to ‘Our emails bring in sales!’

101+ Email Subject Lines served on the platter for your eCommerce Brand! Your mind will be loading up with ideas right as you scroll through the text on this blog post.

But in order to warm you up, let me serve something in front of you.

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Some mouth-watering Email Facts

  • Email is reported to have an ROI of 3800%. This means, for every $1 spent, eCommerce store owner can make $38. (Source)
  • Email accounts for over 15% of overall site revenue. (Source)
  • When asked how shoppers prefer to receive promotional content, 72% chose email versus 17% who chose social media. (Source)
  • 81% of online shoppers report that they are likely to make a purchase as a result of receiving emails based on shopping habits. (Source)
  • Online retailers report that email is 40x more successful at acquiring new customers & getting sales than Facebook and Twitter combined. (Source)

Now that we know where the magic happens, would you like to discover the secret code of good open rates for your awesomely written emails? Where does the key lie?

It’s in the Subject Lines!

But here is another fact –

  • 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone. 69% of emails are reported spam based solely on the subject line. (Source)

Your email subject line is as important as a pickup line you would throw in order to get a partner for the date.

A great line will simply give you an opportunity to prove your worth. But ONE BAD LINE! And all the awesome things that you planned, all the valuable things you had to offer will all go straight into the rat hole never to be discovered again. (Yes, no second chance if you missed it!)

But hey! Then I decided to make your life a bit easy.


Let me stop beating around the bush & get straight to the point.

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In order to make this ebook usable for you as a ‘cheat sheet’ & keep it handy while planning the next email campaign for your eCommerce brand, I have picked up 101+ email subject lines (which work) & listed them here as per the purpose they will serve.

Here is how they are segmented –

  • Welcome Emails
  • Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Promotional Emails
  • Feedback Request Emails
  • Product Launch Emails
  • Black Friday Sale Emails
  • Loyalty Building Emails

If you made it till last (or directly speed scroll – which you shouldn’t), there are also a few BONUS Subject Lines and Craft It Yourself – Checklists for you which you should not miss.

Excited? Let’s get started!

Welcome Emails

74% of new subscribers expect a welcome email from you when they opt in or sign up on your website. What’s more interesting is, those who open your welcome emails end up reading 40% more emails from you compared to others.

So how can you afford to miss the beginning! 

Best Welcome Email Headlines for eCommerce Companies

Here is the list of subject lines that will make your subscribers open your welcome emails at the first glance –

  1. A personal hello!
  2. Welcome! Here’s how to get started.
  3. Good decision. Welcome to our family.
  4. You’re an insider now!
  5. Here’s your welcome gift!
  6. We heard you wanted us in your inbox.
  7. You’re in!
  8. New to Our World?
  9. Wondering how {brand name} works?
  10. Welcome to the {brand name} community!
  11. Hi, {name}, we’re glad to meet you.
  12. You are going to love it.
  13. Looks like you’ll fit right in here.
  14. Let’s start this with a gift – 10% OFF coupon.
  15. {recipient name}, let’s get you moving!
  16. Welcome! Get 10% OFF your first order.
  17. 10% OFF! Just for you.
  18. {recipient name}, let’s get you moving!

Abandoned Cart Emails

The most worrying part as an eCommerce brand owner is not bringing in more traffic to your store. It is bringing in traffic, getting a good number of ‘add to carts’, but ending up with the abandoned carts!

Almost 75% of the online shoppers abandon their shopping carts on eCommerce stores & many of them never return back.

We ourselves must have done it many times, right?

So what’s the solution?

Follow-up emails!

Returning of the customer who just abandoned the cart depends on how timely you trigger the follow-up email and – how you have crafted your subject line.

Again Subject Lines!

Best Abandoned Cart Email Headlines for eCommerce

Here are some of them which you can pick up & use right away to clear the abandoned carts –

  1. Does this belong to you {recipient name}?
  2. You left your stuff at our place
  3. [REMINDER] It is just a few clicks away.
  4. Still thinking it over? Maybe this will help…
  5. Trust your instincts
  6. Let me teleport you back to your cart
  7. The price dropped for something in your cart
  8. Hey! You forgot something…
  9. Need help making a decision?
  10. Complete your purchase with a 10% discount.
  11. Your cart is missing you {recipient name}…
  12. Oh no! You left something behind.
  13. We have kept it for you.
  14. Ready to purchase, {recipient name}?
  15. The items in your cart are going…
  16. Did you like the {product} you were checking out?
  17. Only {quantity} {product name} left. Complete your purchase now.

Promotional Emails

All the eCommerce brand owners love them. All the customers (may) hate them. That’s why we have to be pretty careful while crafting the email subject lines of promotional emails.

If you want to directly sell your products & avoid beating around the bush, you just can’t go wrong with attractive promotional emails.

“The ‘secret code’ of effective promotional email subject lines is that they are personalized, unexpected & are sent at the right time.”

Best Promotional Email Headlines for eCommerce

Here are some promotional subject lines already crafted for you –

  1. How about a discount code?
  2. [NEW ARRIVALS] – Avoid getting FOMO
  3. Here are our top picks currently on sale.
  4. Because everyone likes a great deal! Here it is.
  5. Get this NOW before it’s gone
  6. 50% OFF on {product category}. It’s REAL!
  7. Last day to get our best offer ever.
  8. Don’t Miss This Out: for just {product price}
  9. [WEEKEND ONLY] Extra 10% OFF Sale!
  10. We rarely do this – (hint: {product price})
  11. This is not a Sale. It’s a Party!
  12. Use it or lose it – 15% OFF for today.
  13. Going… going… and…
  14. Stop EVERYTHING! Insane Deals on all Products
  15. Mark Your Calendars – Straight 50% OFF Coming
  16. [LAST CALL] Your Discount Disappears Soon
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Feedback Request Emails

“The only person who knows your brand better and will help you improve is – your customer.”

Many eCommerce stores don’t face many issues while acquiring new customers, but when it comes to conducting surveys, they find it difficult to get genuine feedback.

What do you think must be the reason?

Are the previous customers not happy with your brand? Are they not interested in doing you a favor?

Or did they not open your email which asked for their feedback?

If it’s any of the first 2 reasons, then you yourself have to figure it out.

But if it’s the 3rd reason, then the solution is right below this.

Best Feedback Request Email Headlines for eCommerce

Subject lines to request feedback from your existing customers

  1. Got a minute?
  2. Shop – Refer – Earn – Shop Again!
  3. In for a small talk?
  4. We take your feedback seriously
  5. Help improve {brand name}
  6. How was your previous purchase?
  7. I didn’t see your name in the comments
  8. We want to know what you think about us
  9. There is a reason why your opinion matters
  10. Do we make sense to you {recipient name}?
  11. How did we do {recipient name}?
  12. Cast your vote. Win up to 10% OFF.
  13. Are you satisfied with {brand name}?
  14. Be honest – what do you think of our {product name}?
  15. {recipient name} did you like the {product name}?
  16. Would you suggest this {product name} to your friend?

Product Launch Emails

“If a product is important for you, a product launch email should be too!”

We know how in the movies when the protagonist (or ‘hero’ as we say) is to be introduced in the next scene and the atmosphere is built. Curiosity is generated, a punch line is thrown & a lot of build-ups is done. All this pays off as soon as the protagonist takes his entry & we all feel like clapping & whistling.

Wait! I haven’t changed the topic.

You simply have to replace the protagonist with your product & the build-up scene with your email. Does it make sense now?

A product launch done right is half the battle won. All it will take later is a simple push.

But it is important that people go through your product launch email in the first place.

6 2021 email subject lines EcomElement

Best Product Launch Email Headlines for eCommerce

To make people open your product launch emails, here are few handy subject lines which you can use –

  1. Isn’t this beautiful?
  2. [ALERT] – New Products Launched
  3. This would look great on you
  4. We just listed the new arrivals
  5. Meet the all-new {product name}
  6. These new arrivals are catching the attention
  7. 1 day to go
  8. Will this be the next hottest thing in the market?
  9. 15% OFF on Newly Launched Products
  10. Things are about to change
  11. Check this out {recipient name}
  12. {product name} is here. Pre-order NOW!
  13. [UPDATE] – {product name} has arrived in the store
  14. May We Introduce You to {product name}
  15. The all-new {product name} is here to say to you – HI!
Black Friday Sale Emails

Black Friday Sale Emails

Which is that one day when record-breaking sales happen on the eCommerce stores?

It’s Black Friday!

eCommerce retailers report up to 240% of increase in revenue on Black Friday & 220% increase in overall online traffic. (Source)

If these numbers don’t excite you, I don’t know what else will.

But with customers’ inboxes exploding with Black Friday deals & offers emails from tonnes of different brands, what is the chance of getting your email opened?

Well, the answer is right below as you scroll down.

Best Black Friday Email Headlines for eCommerce

Use one of the subject lines given below, and the chances will surely increase –

  1. Your favorite show can wait. Our SALE won’t.
  2. You’re personally invited for Black Friday Sale
  3. Black Friday Deal – Which You Cannot Refuse
  4. The day has arrived – It’s Black Friday!
  5. Finally it’s Black Friday! – Let’s GO
  6. [ATTN] Our Rarest Black Friday Offer
  7. Black Friday – Ends Soon
  8. Your favourite product might be on SALE!
  9. This is the day everyone was waiting for
  10. It’s time to rethink Black Friday
  11. Black Friday with Free Shipping.
  12. What are you doing? The SALE is ON!
  13. What are you going to buy this Black Friday?
  14. Drop Everything. Our Sale Starts NOW.
  15. Get your Black Friday Shopping bag ready.
  16. Waiting for Black Friday Sale? Today is the day!
customer loyalty emails

Loyalty Building Emails

“eCommerce marketing is not just about acquiring new customers. It’s about selling products to your existing customers again & again.”

Many brands focus too much on bringing in more traffic to their stores, but once the visitors become their customers, they forget about them.

Loyalty building emails will not only help you to build relationships with your customers but will also prevent them from switching to your competitors & help you retain them for a longer period of time (so that you keep on upselling & cross-selling).

Confused about what emails to send to your existing customers as a loyalty-building strategy?

Yes, I know you just opted in to find a solution to your confusion.

Best Customer Loyalty Building Email Headlines for eCommerce

Here are few subject lines which will come to your rescue while building loyalty with your customers–

  1. Here is a personal note for you {recipient name}
  2. I promise this will be a brief one…
  3. Will you walk with us a long way?
  4. Thanks for helping us {recipient name}
  5. You might have some questions
  6. You are in our mind at every occasion
  7. Could you please clarify this for me?
  8. Become an insider of {brand name}
  9. Let us prepare for your coming Birthday!
  10. This is to add more fun to your holidays
  11. Thank You for being with us for {number} years
  12. Happy Birthday {recipient name} – Surprise Inside
  13. We wouldn’t have made it without you
  14. Special coupon – for completing one year with us
  15. {recipient name} – I still remember your first purchase
  16. Because of you, we are donating for {cause name}

Bonus Subject Lines for You

As I promised, if you stick till the end (or even if you just scrolled quickly to land here) you will get a few more subject lines.

If you can use them creatively, go ahead, try them & let me know how they performed for you –

  1. Another email in your inbox…
  2. SAAAALE! – (Sorry for yelling)
  3. You’re The Chosen One
  4. Shhh… Don’t tell anyone
  5. Do Not Open This Email… I Repeat…
  6. Don’t just take our word for it
  7. Listen to what they say

Final Words and Craft It Yourself – Checklist

Now that you have 101+ Email Subject Lines (121 to be specific) worth using, I’m sure you won’t run out of ideas while you work on the next email campaign for your eCommerce brand.

But still, if you are craving for more ideas, should I also hand over to you a simple checklist that will help you craft your own subject lines?

I heard you said YES in your mind! So here it goes –

  • Does your subject line generate curiosity?
  • Is your subject line personal enough?
  • Is it friendly, casual & conversational?
  • Is it concise & not too lengthy?
  • Does your subject line offer any value?
  • Does the subject line create urgency?
  • Avoid SPAMMY & CLICKBAIT Lines!

All the best! Do not forget to share your results in the comment box below.

See you next time & Happy Emailing 🙂

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