7 Unusually Best Free Dropshipping Product Research Tools.

Before I go ahead and list out the Dropshipping Product Research Tools, let me tell you a cool story that helped me come up with an idea for this massive blog post.

Branding!” He said.

“NO! Its marketing“, said another.

“Its the investment at the right place.” said yet another.

These are the couple of answers that I received from a group of friends when I asked, “What is the most fundamental aspect of a successful business?”

Now! These guys were not businessmen. They are “Start-up Aspirants” who want to build their own startup.

Now I won’t say that their answers were wrong. But I’d go on and say, “They aren’t right either“.

I asked the same question to my father. A little background on him. He has been running his business successfully for the last 25 years. Now I went to him with this doubt in my head. And with a suppressed smile, he gave a one-word answer that actually shook me.


I was completely blown away, not because the answer was previously, not known to me, but because the answer was right there, hiding in plain sight. Now that got me curious.

“What is the reason why most businesses fail?”, I asked further.

“Its simple, most businesses don’t do product research properly“, he replied.

I know it’s a weird start for a blog post, but I just had to share with you this story. Because now that I understand business quite well, I realize that product research is something you cannot skip if you want to start a business.

In this post, I’ll give you some ideas on how to do product research for your eCommerce store.

How to do Product Research? And What are these Dropshipping Product Research Tools?

Well! You see! Product research means understanding a market demand which has not been filled by a product yet. Once you find the right product that fixes the right problem of the right audience, you’ve hit a gold mine.

It’s not just luck though. Especially when you are doing eCommerce, where everything is scalable to 100,000… X times.

Dropshipping Product Research Tools are just as they mean, these are certain tools that allow you to research and discover winning products.

Now, here I will be listing with free product research tools. The Free Dropshipping product research tools basically you exploring through various channels to find winning products on your own and paid tools are basically the one who does that for you.

So without further ado, let’s learn about the best Dropshipping Product Research Tools out there.

1. FaceBook

In this product research strategy, we will be harnessing the power of FaceBook search engine.

FB search works similarly to other search engines like Google, Bing, etc. All you have to do is head over to the FB search and search for the following phrases under quotations,

Get yours here“, “Get yours today“, “Get it now”.

Add a “+” along with the above search terms and include this keyword, “40% off”.

Like, “Get yours now” + “40% off

You can replace 40% with 30, 50, 60, 65, 70 percent or any number that commonly appears in a general FB ads copy to yield different results.

Now these are not any random words that I am putting out there. These are some of the search terms that usually appear in an FB ad copy. So when you put the key phrase under quotation, the search engine shows results containing those exact keywords.

Now you’ll see a page that looks kinda this.

Facebook Dropshipping PRoduct Research Tool

Now head over to the video section and filter them by views and the current month. You’ll see a lot of ad videos showing up (unless they are protected, in which case you won’t see the ads anyway)

Here you have to look out for the engagement. Check out the likes, comments and shares of the video, if its a lot, it is a signal that the product is hot.

If you have decided on a niche then you can add the niche keywords in there as well such as, let’s say, leather bags, and repeat the same procedure.

Facebook Niche Dropshipping PRoduct Research Tool

If you haven’t selected an eCommerce niche, go ahead and select one. Read my article on eCommerce niche selection here.

Now FB ads is a great method to find what products are selling hot in your niche. If you want to read about it in much more details, go ahead and check out the incredible Ritoban Chakrabarti‘s website. You gotta follow him. The guy is uber-cool.

2. YouTube

Yes, YouTube is one of the “non-traditional” dropshipping product research tools but they work and you’ll get to see why in a minute.

YT is the second largest search engine in the planet with approximately 200,000 hours worth of video being watched every minute.

Needless to say that businesses have been using YouTube to promote their products. And its not just the businesses, affiliate marketers have been using YouTube to promote such products too.

Now there is the answer to this dropshipping product tool strategy.

Spy on the affilaites.

You see the really good affiliates always promote good products and these products sell really really well.

So in order to use YouTube as a dropshipping product research tool you need to do the same thing that we did in FaceBook.

Search things like: “tech under $50”, “Must have beauty products”, “best pet products”etc. Make sure you use the quotes (“”).

Make sure you check filter the video by their upload date and then visit the video woth good number of views

Youtube Dropshipping PRoduct Research Tool

This will reveal all the affiliate videos that are promoting those products in their video.

You just have to visit their video, get into the description and find the link of the product that they are promoting.

Youtube Description Dropshipping PRoduct Research Tool

It is usually an amazon product. It can be anything though. But you just got to visit the site.

Next, you need to copy the product name and find the same product in Ali express or any other market places.


Because 7 times out of 10, the exact same product is a dropshipping product and is availabel in aliexpress.

3. Pinterest

You heard me right. Pinterest can be used as an awesome dropshipping product research tools as well.

Pinterest Description Dropshipping PRoduct Research Tool

Similar to YouTube, you just have to go to the search bar, put in the quotes, and type keywords such as “amazon must haves” or “beauty hacks” etc.

A thing to keep in mind is that pinterest has a large female audience and its a really cool place to find beauty products. Nevertheless, you can find all sorts of products as well.

Similar to what we did with YouTube, we will be looking for bloggers and affiliate marketers who are promoting amazon/walmart products in their pins.

Searching keywords like “amazon must haves” usually gives you loads of photos of basically people displaying cool and often time unique products that are being sold on amazon.

You can visit their blog or also scroll down and find related products to the one you were jsut looking at.

If you search for keywords like “beauty hacks” in Pinterest you may end up seeing tons of products that are actually uploaded and pinned by the dropshipping stores.

If you click on them, you will end up in their store. You can judge by the number of times the pin has been shared which helps you understand how popular the product actually is.

Once you found the product go back to ali express and search for the same product in there and sort the results by orders.

If you like the product you can just go ahead and start dropshipping.

4. Twitter

Who’d have thought Twitter, the place wyou go to fight your online battles will be the place you can find the best winning products for dropshipping.

Well, You really can.

It works in a very similar way as that of the ones mentioned above.

All you have to do is search for some product-specific phrases like “phone cases”, “Black Friday buys” and change the search option to video or photo.

Pinterest Dropshipping Product research tools

You just have to scroll through all the results and products that get most retweets and engagements.

You will need to check the same product on Aliexpress and see if similar or the same product is appearing in there.

You may also find the Shopify store link in the thread or the profile of the Twitter account.

Many of these Twitter handles belong to influencers who promote other people’s products so this is also a cool way to build connections with influencers

5. Instagram

This strategy with Instagram is sort of like reverse-engineering product hunting. It is different from the other free dropshipping product research tools.

Instagram works really well for niche products as many drop shippers out there find out Instagram influencers that focus on one particular niche. This way, you not only find good products to sell, but also good influencers to connect with.

Now, In order to find products on instagram you can focus on hashtags such as #blackfriday or #blackfridaysale, or #blackfridaydeals #christmassale.

It will require a little bit of scrolling through but you will definietely find some winning products in here that you can test out.

Another important method to find winning dropshipping product is to search for generic product names such as #phonecases #babytoys etc.

Apart from this, you can check out different influencers in the niche.

You can also go to “persons” sections and you will come across many influencers.

Just check out their profiles and you can search for products that they are promoting there.

I know it’s tedious but it is a really good free dropshipping product research tool, mainly because you find products as well as influencers.

6. Amazon AutoSuggest

Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world and it is actually logical to use Amazon as your prime product research tool if you are getting started.

The key metrics that you need to keep an eye on is the Amazon search results and amazon best seller ranking.

Almost every product is available in Amazon and all you need to do is to tap into Amazon’s data.

Search for the product you’d like to dropship in the Amazon Search Bar and you will see something like this.

ecommerce niche amazon ecomelement

When you hit search, you’ll see a ton of products. Now, dont get overwhelmed, it just means that you have tapped into a really good market.

When you come across the results page, keep an eye on the number of reviews.

Roughly 4-5% of people actually add a review to a product. So if you see a lot of reviews, it means that the product is really good and you can start selling it. Although I’d suggest not to go for products with a number of reviews of more than 1000 because it mostly means that the market is saturated.

ecommerce niche amazon ecomelement

You can just pick their names and find suitable suppliers that can supply you the product.

Keep a google sheet with you to monitor all these products that you are selling.

7. Amazon Best Sellers

Another cool method is head over to amazon homepage and select this link

ecommerce niche amazon ecomelement

I logged in through Amazon India but I believe the same interface comes up with amazon sites of all countries. If you’re in US, click this link: https://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers/zgbs

That’s it. After getting in there, head over to your ecommerce niche category and see what all products are selling the best.

In our example of HIIT equipment, here are the results.

ecommerce niche amazon ecomelement

You can repeat the same procedure and judge by the number of reviews, you can actually find your winning product.


Dropshipping is a cool game. Not jsut because it is really easy, but also because you get to apply all sorts of markeitng strategies.

For people who are jsut starting out, it may get tough but with the right logic, you can find the perfect product that will make your dropshipping career.

Once you find the winning product, its just a matter of scaling and fulfillment and everything else is easy. You can bulk order the product and you can also print your own logo and build your own brand, the possiblities are limitless.

To find that winning product, all you have to do is to start with the FB research method and confirm the market for that product though google search and amazon.

You can also try searching for that product on YouTube and Twitter. You will get really good reviews if you look deep enough.

That is it for today guys. Let me know what you think about this article down in the comments below

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