How to book a Kickass Domain Name for your Online Business?

“How can I find a domain name like google?”, I googled.

But not a lot of useful answers came up on the search results. I have heard a lot of people saying that a domain should be memorable and catchy and related to your niche and all that crap.

But! how does one find that name? Not all of us are good at brain storming, right?

I did some research and found out a couple of tricks/hacks that will help you find the catchy, simple domain related to your niche. Also, If you have not found a profitable eCommerce niche for yourself yet, please go ahead and read this blog.

But before diving in, let us learn what is a domain name and why is it important.

What is a Domain Name?

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To put it simply, the domain is the name of your website. That is all there is. It is how people remember your site.

Think of it like this. When you visit the local market and buy a couple of great fruits from a shop that was just around the corner of let’s say X street, three blocks away from Y’s Shop. You’re happy with them and you wanted to recommend them to some of your friends. But it’s hard to spell out the location of the shop, isn’t it?

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Let’s say that the shop had a catchy name, like, “Moody’s Apples”. 🍎

Now when you meet your friends, you can suggest, “Man! the Moody’s Apples 🍎 shop is really good!”

That is exactly what a domain is.

You know normally, computers use IP addresses to find a certain website on the internet. But IP addresses are just a bunch of numbers which can be hard to remember. Because of this, in 1983, the University of Wisconsin came up with Domain Name Systems which links Domain Names to IP Addresses. Thanks to the Americans, we don’t have to worry about remembering long strings of numbers!

Why is it Important? and Why it’s Not?

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, the domain does not really carry the much-needed weight but it’s a top-notch factor when it comes to branding

Like I said before, A domain name is something that people remember. So it really helps when the domain is, well, easier to remember. Is it hard to remember big shots like Nokia or apple? Well, I don’t think so. And the reason behind this is just their business name.

But, to be honest, it’s not really a good idea to break too much sweat while coming up with the perfect domain. The prime reason being, people will notice you only when your product is good. If your product is not good, no matter how catchy or cool your domain is, it will not work.

5 Things to Consider While Picking a Domain Name

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With that being said about the importance of domain, there is no harm in getting a good domain. But take my advice and don’t worry too much about it. Spend a day maybe but that should be it. Now in this section, I’ll share a couple of tips and hacks that will help you find a cool domain with ease. So Here we go.

Keep It Short

It is needless to say that shorter words are much easier to remember than longer ones. It is hence always advisable to keep the names short but memorable. Some of the most brandable names are quite short. Example: Amazon, Google, Yahoo, etc. Try and keep your domain within 8 characters. It would do the trick.

Human minds tend to have a gazillion thoughts when it comes down to selecting a pair of shoes or clothes or a mobile. Well, this is natural! But my piece of advice while selecting a domain would just keep it SHORT! Short and simple always works for me, and I think it would wonders for you too!

Try .com Before Anything Else

There are a lot of domain extensions and you can pick anything. But a .com domain dominates over all else.

This is so because people have heard of a .com name so often that it often becomes a moot point to say the domain extension. It is often required to state the extension when it’s not a .com.

Well, if you can’t find a domain with a .com extension you can look for .net, .org, .co or a country specific one like .in, .uk or .us, etc.

Should Pass The Phone Test

There is no better way to put it. Its the simplest yet the most effective way possible to test a domain out.

The phone test for a domain is just this. When you talk about the domain to a friend and she/he doesn’t remember it through the phone conversation and if she/he doesn’t get the spelling in the first instant, then it is probably not the best domain.

It always helps to use known words into the domain like, well,

Avoid Hyphens or Repeating Characters

Yes! At any cost.


Because people dont remember punctuations very well. One may forget where exactly the punctuation occurs which makes it difficult to type. You don’t want that do you?

For the same reason try avoiding names with the same characters present next to each other in a domain name. It again creates confusion regarding the spelling. Example: There are two ‘y’s there in the domain name. I might get confused while typing. Its highly unlikely but why take the risk.

Use Regional Words

If you are making a business for a specific region or country with a particular demographics, like culture and language, It helps to have a domain name where the regional words are incorporated as well.

It connects with the audience in a much better way and well, it sells well.

Some of the regional domain names include,,, etc.

3 Kickass Domain Name Hacks

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Okay! We learnt about the tips that we should bear in mind while brainstorming a domain name. But why not cut the brainstorm out and use some powerful hacks which can help you find the domain name with ease. Here are 3 such super cool ones.

Create New Words

You really need not have a domain name that means anything. This technique is thus particularly good for people in the fashion industry.

Think about it. I mean, “What does the word Myntra means?”

There is a slight logic behind this. Our minds think in terms of pictures. If you put a certain word like let’s say cart. You’ll think of a cart. That would mean that the website is linked with shopping. But if you get a domain name that is catchy yet doesn’t even mean anything, and when the site becomes popular, people immediately think of the business that the site does. You can be literally any niche and have a kickass domain name.

Similar to Myntra, what does Practo or Dunzo or even Oyo Means? But whenever you look at these words or listen to someone talking about them, your attention immediately goes to their services or products. They have a great audacity to reach their masses.

Now how do you get such a name?

Here are a few ground rules.

Rule # 1: It should be short. Within 6-8 characters long. You don’t wanna make your audience struggle to remember it.

Rule #2: Use a vowel or atleast a vowel sounding alphabet in between two consonants or consonant sounding words.

Have a look at this picture.

CVCVCV 2022 domain name EcomElement

You see all the companies that I mentioned follow a simillar trend. Heck! Even Google and Yahoo do the same!

Well! If they can, You can surely do it too!

Use existing words

A domain name is how your business gets branded. The domain name has to be in consonance with ur niche. Brandability becomes easier when you show your niche off out there.

Many giant companies include their niche in their brand name, such as Tata Consultancy Services(TCS), Infosys, etc.

Take for example. My domain name effectively reflects my niche. Its clear and crisp.

It also helps with SEO in a minor way too. But not so much.

If you can’t brainstorm any niche related domain ideas, go ahead and use these two domain name generators. Trust me, your life is going to get easier.

Use Domain Name Generators

Our mind is a wierd thing. Atleast mine is.

While wondering to get a perfect domain name for my eCommerce niche blog.

I banged my head for a couple of days! Really! I’d be still banging my head If I’d not have found out the holy grail called domain name finders tools.

Domain name finder tools are online tools that help you find a domain based on a keyword idea.

I landed on 2 websites that literally saved me from days of trouble. Here are the ones that really really helped me out.

Instant Domain Search

InstantDomainSearch.Com a really simple tool to check if the domain is available or not. You literally have to just search it.

InstantDomainSearch comes with a search check on various domain extensions, domain name generator, and domain for sale. Like I said, it’s the holy grail of domain name search.

To get a kickass domain name from Instant domain search, you just have to type in the keyword in your mind. Let’s say “ecom” which is my favorite niche and search it on the site.

Here is what we see in there.

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Now here are a couple of guidelines on the site. If the domain name appears in red color, it just means that the domain name is not available anymore. If it is available for sale, it appears in blue. And if the domain has not been booked yet, it appears in green.

If your domain name is not available, then you can always find a similar domain name in the domain name generator column.

Lean Domain Search is my second favorite domain name finder tool out there. Why second? Because it’s not as easy to use as InstantDomainSearch but it is really really handy when it comes to finding shorter and catchy domain names.

Here once you enter your favourite keyword and hit enter, you can get hundreds (if not thousands) of domain names that are available.

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You can sort them alphabetically, by length or by popularity. A feature that comes in handy very often.

Now all these names are mostly available. You can copy the names and paste them on InstantDomainSearch to verify and book. That should do it.


Now that we are here! Let me confess. I struggled a lot to find the perfect domain for my website and I have seen a lot of people do it. But it is not really worth that time.

Many of my friends have bought their domain names as per their names and niches

Sure the domain name helps in branding and stuff but in the end, your content is something that will matter. Just any good domain related to your niche is enough. Even better, a domain name that does not really mean anything. You can use it literally anywhere.


The most important thing is your content. Focus on good content/product and you’re good to go.

If you need help in creating your own website and blog, check out this awesome blog post.

Thanks for reading guys. Let me know in the comments what you though about it.

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Special thanks to Sharmeen Chasmawala for Proofreading it.

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