Biaheza Dropshipping Course Review – The Best Dropshipping training course in 2020?

Love Biaheza’s cool experiments on YouTube? Wanna learn his tactics and make millions yourself?

Well He recently launched a cool Dropshipping course and through this article, I will be providing an unbiased Biaheza Dropshipping Course Review.

Yes! Biaheza’s Dropshipping Course is really worth it. Mainly because he covers many aspects of dropshipping that usually go untapped by many others.

You can check out his course here.

Who is Biaheza?

Dropshipping as an eCommerce model that gained momentum as the internet exploded and it enabled any common man to start his own store within minutes if not hours.


Here is the hard truth!

90% of the Dropshippers Fail!!

Where as the rest 10% of the ecommerce owners make 100,000s of Dollars. And I am being very sceptical here. There are literally teenage dropshippers who make millions with dropshipping and we will be discussing one of them in this article. 

He shared his story on YouTube which really got me interested. Here’s the one.

If you know Biaheza, you are probably a fan of his methods too, just like I am. A bit of an internet sensation, this teenage YouTuber has hit 7 figure income and has recently launched his Dropshipping Course.

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Now, personally I am a very sceptic person. I don’t believe things too easily. I had a hard time believing that a teenager makes a 7 figure income every year.

So I have had the same questions as you, “Is this course worth spending $294?” 


Yes and No! (but more on that a bit later)

Remember earlier when I said that 90% of the Dropshipping businesses fail? Well, the rest 10% people Succeed because they do not get disappointed with their failure and keep experimenting new things. Biaheza is one of them.

The best thing about Biaheza is he not only shows what methods he used to succeed in the field but also, he displays his mistake and how his stores failed. Now Personally I like this way better than any other Dropshipping course that I come across.

Infact one of my favourite videos of Biaheza is mentioned below where he turns a failed store profitable. I like the idea and it really got me hooked to his video.

Learning from someone else’s mistake is a great learning too.

In my opinion Dropshipping is a bit of an enigma. There are a lot of aspects that should be operated properly while running a dropshipping store.

You have got the product itself, the store design, the product copy, the product images, site speed, FB Ad targeting, FB ad af image and copy, Influencers, and so on.

Although a dropshipping store creation costs peanuts. You can literally need a domain, a shopify account and need to hire a guy with a one time fee and get started with your store.

But the most important aspect of this business model is its digital marketing strategy. For an eCommerce store the most important fact is its ads.

I mean you can drive traffic through SEO too but that’s really a long term goal and works only when your product is well known and people are actually searching for it.

However in terms of FB ads, you reach out to your audience and showcase your products where they hang out. 

Now Personally, I myself had a rough patch with dropshipping and I failed to manage a lot of things.

I find it a little disconcerting  and pleasantly surprising to see one teenage guy handling it so well. 

But hey! We should not judge a book by its cover. Let us look at what the course has to offer.

Biaheza Dropshipping Course Overview

Biaheza’s Course to be honest is a good for beginners course. He takes you through the scratch and clears the basics starting from what products actually sell on the market and how you can find them to understanding the Ads and scaling your business.

This is actually just the thing that a beginner would want to follow. You see, you can join a 1000$ course anytime but the question is can you handle the plethora of information you receive.

While learning anything, it’s logical to start taking baby steps and understand the concepts firsthand. Biaheza does exactly that. He handholds his students and guides them through step by step tutorials about how they can manage their store. 

Another thing that I like about his course is that he does not just fill you with unnecessary crap, instead, he just gets to the point.

Here is what the course has to offer.

What Products ACTUALLY Sell for Dropshipping

Biaheza Dropshipping Course starts off with understanding the customer’s mind. Most of the dropshipping products that actually sell and drive results include products that sell instantly. Which means that they are built for people who are instant buyers.

These products are usually not available in the market and as a dropshipper, you have to make them feel that it is available only with you.

Biaheza in his dropshipping course lets you know about what are these products that actually drive urgency in the customer. 

How to Find Winning Products

In this module you will learn how to do product research the right way. Finding the right product is of utmost importance. It is the actual foundation of your entire dropshipping store.

Biaheza teaches about different methodologies which you can adopt to actually find the right product.

Although I won’t call it a super effective method but these are some basic methods that you can find anywhere on youtube. 

He claims that he uses certain tools like ecomhunt and dropship-spy that helped him find winning 6 figure products. Now I am not saying that it’s impossible but if someone can find a winning product like that he is either incredibly lucky or incredibly talented.

He also suggests how to find winning products for free through social media and various other channels.

The problem with this approach is that you may end up having so many products that are actually oversaturated and you are probably entering the market too late. You may definitely land on products that are really good but for that you may need expert advice and hand-holding, which he does through his personal calls and messages.

​Creating a Brand New Shopify Website From Scratch Step by Step

Now if you are a complete noob at dropshipping or tried and failed once, chances are that you don’t know exactly how to design your dropshipping website. All that will be covered in this part.

Once you find the winning product, Beheza in his dropshipping course shows you step by step on how to build a store. He basically builds a live store in front of you and does not leave out a single thing.

He shows everything from how to pick a domain name, how to connect a domain name to a shopify account, how to design a store and basically build a store around a particular product and reveals a lot of tips and tricks to make the website look like a very morden, professional branded website.

I feel like this is one of the most important parts of building an eCommerce store as not doing them properly can get you penalized and Biaheza in his dropshipping course teaches this very well.

He shows how to set up shipping and where to get copyright free images and the essential or the “legal” pages of the websites done like Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, Return Policy etc.

This part of building an eCommerce Store is really easy to understand and there is really nothing confusing here as Biaheza does a really good job at explaining these things.

​How to Create a Viral Advertisement

This is one of the most important aspects of creating the shopify store. Store creation and all that can be outsourced but the ad creative that actually turns audiences into buyers is something you need to learn.

Now revealing something about me, My FB ads sucked because I was not good at making good ad creatives. Ad creatives have certain elements that drive the feeling of curiosity & urgency which encourage impulse buying.

If it is taught the right way, in the Biaheza Dropshipping course, then take my advice, buy this course right away. Looking at the YouTube Videos and the strategies of Biaheza, I’d say he knows what he is doing. 

Now, this should be no surprise that video ads do really well and constructing the right kind of video ads has a certain formula to it. If you do as he says, you will be able to create a well enticing video ad with a highly converting sales page that drives results.

In this course he has come up with some really smart tactics that convert very well. He has added some cool tactics and retargeting methods that not many people are talking about such as adding videos in the product page or certain images like before after images that convert really well but are not allowed to be run as facebook ads etc.

He teaches the work around them and also teaches how to write a well optimized product and ad copy that converts well. The course has many tips like this and this is one of the very good things about Biaheza’s course.

He shows you exactly how to get copyright free video to use in your ads and also how you can take videos from youtubers and all to create the video ad for your product. He also shows how to hire someone off fiverr to do this for you and how to pay and get the best results on fiverr.

However I personally believe that if you are into dropshipping, then learning how to create good video ads is kind of a necessity now as you may not be having too much funds to burn on creatives like that.

Another aspect of the Biaheza Dropshipping Course that I really liked is the fact that he helps create dedicated social media pages that actually enhance the trust of the ecommerce company. He gives a really good layout about designing your facebook and instagram page and he  shows you how to get social proof that can show you as a legitimate big brand out there.

Many dropshippers out there take this factor for granted and don’t focus on building a brand. If your dropshipping store is a long term plan as it should be, then you should definitely follow his brand building strategies.

​What is the Facebook Pixel and How to Install it

If you have the slightest idea of dropshipping, you’d know that FB ads are one of the most frequent tools that you will be using to drive traffic to your store. This is the most important thing in terms of marketing and learning the basics properly will help you understand the market very well.

Although as a con, Biaheza keeps it onto a basic level FB advertising. Well this part, you can learn on YouTube for free. But the problem with that is, learning from YT would leave you with 100 mentors with 100 opinions and the knowledge overload can make one paralyzed.

Rather, why not take this Dropshipping Course by Biaheza and learn it in a streamlined way.

Instagram Theme Page Marketing Strategy

I agree that Biaheza knows instagram really well. He started his digital career as an instagram influencer so I must say his strategies work. Theme Page marketing is tried and tested and is still very efficient. You can use it. 

Biaheza in this Dropshipping course shows you how to DM micro influencers in Instagram and get small segments of your video from them by sending out your product to them and getting them to make custom video content which can help you yet again to use as ads.

A very creative way isn’t it? 

Moreover their followers will start seeing your ads in their explore pages and thus getting motivated more to shop from you. I found this quite an indirect and unique strategy compared to a lot of other courses. 

He suggests that instagram is simply a platform to get to the explore page wherein you can actually showcase your ads.

This portion is quite unique and very easy to understand and I bet you will have great conversions with it.

Full Facebook Ads Marketing Strategy

Biaheza does have a simple and effective method to understand the basics of facebook marketing strategy. He says that you absolutely should not mess around too much on this.

He relies on tried and tested formulae to run conversion optimized campaigns. He teached how to categorize ads and ad sets, basically a full on FB ads mini course for dropshipping.

HIs strategies are simple yet effective which makes this portion easily understandable. He explains how he scaled his eCommerce business to 7 figures using these strategies and yes I do agree that his methods bring results. I do believe with the right product and the right it’s completely possible. 

Biaheza also goes into look-alike audiences how to use them, when to use them, how to set them up and when you should not be using them. He goes into details because look-alike audiences are a major part of any FB campaign and are very important for eCommerce, If you want to scale.

How to Mass Fulfill Orders

This would be a very interesting and probably the most valuable part in my opinion. The ultimate goal of any business is growth. And if you are a one man army then you gotta use the power of robots, i.e., automation. 

The most popular Aliexpress automation software has been Oberlo which is used to automate the shipping and all. Although it still requires some manual work.

The Biaheza Dropshipping course goes into another app called DSers which is made by Aliexpress and this app can completely automate your store and you literally just have to pay for the product. That’s all there is to it.  

So essentially, instead of adding products manually into Aliexpress or Oberlo. 

DSers is completely free and by using this, you can literally ship out hundreds of orders and all the information and tracking gets out to the customer and you don’t have to do a thing.

This is one of the parts that I really liked in the course which I felt makes the course most valuable.

​Everything Else You Need to Know

Well In this module of his course, Biaheza talks about many basic stuff like how to do your taxes and all which are super important but they are pretty easy to follow.

Biaheza Dropshipping Course Review

Okay! Time to share my opinion about this course. 

I think that the course is a very good start for beginners. This course can take any average person who does not know much about dropshipping, get started with it and get started with some good sales.

Pros and Cons Overview

Biaheza Dropshipping Course eComelement

The Good

  • Beginner Friendly
  • Easy to Understand
  • Step-By-Step Guidance in building shopify store
  • Well described Product Optimization
  • Novel Facebook and Instagram Strategy
  • Unique Store Automation
  • Short and To the Point Course

The Bad

  • Not meant for experts
  • Product Research could have been better
  • Google Ads could have been covered

The Good

First of all, his lessons are easy to understand and he takes care of every single detail which is a very nice thing for beginners.

The step-by-step guide to dropshipping store building is something that every beginner should learn. Also setting up the important pages and taxes.

I really liked the way he explains how to design a high converting product page and how to write product copy that actually sells. Something that actually saves a lot of money.

The way he presents the FaceBook Pixels, FB Ads and Instagram strategies are really novel and I haven’t seen them anywhere else. He says that these exact strategies helped him reach the 7 figure income. 

The automation software that he suggests is an absolute life-saver and is really handy to dropshippers. I will eventually review DSers in future but for now you can stick to the Biaheza Dropshipping Course and learn how to exactly use DSers to automate your entire business.

This is something very unique to Biaheza’s course and I haven’t seen many people talking about it.

I also think the importing of reviews he explained that  well and basically made it essential that you need reviews on your store in the perfect way.

The most important thing, he keeps the course on track and straight to the point which is why it is a short course but is totally worth it considering the value he provides.

The Bad

Well, As I said, his methods are beginner friendly and hence here is the first con. The really goes into the basics but does not cover the advanced strategies that actually help drive large numbers of sales.

I personally am not a big fan of his product research methods. Biaheza could have gone a bit deeper in his product research strategy but I am sure he is going to update the course soon.

Another thing is that he does not go into Google Ads, something that works well when it comes to dropshipping stores because not a lot of people are running  google ads for their niche dropshipping stores.

Nowadays FB ads are getting more and more expensive and I believe that SEO and Google Ads are something that will eventually need to be studied by all dropshippers. So it’s better to catch the trend early and start Google Ads for the business.

Final Words

Do you remember the question I asked earlier?

About whether the course is worth spending $294 or not?

Well, in my opinion, Both.

Yes, if you are a beginner and really want to see some sales while starting your dropshipping career and dont lose motivation in the mean time.

No, if you are a seasoned dropshipper and already doing business. This course is probably not going to help you here.

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